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Good practice management means being able to do things efficiently

What do we mean by practice management? Efficiency, effectiveness, cost control – stressed, overtasked workforce, unbearable prices for the clients, patients passing as on a conveyor belt to earn money for the owner – is that it? This is something we all may read from time to time from the social media when an unhappy client dismantles their feelings.

Really, practice management is just the opposite. Being able to do things efficiently so that there is more time for the patient, making the right things at the right time so that patient gets the best possible care and being conscious of costs, so that you will have the possibility to continuous learning and enhancing the clinical quality and progress the service. Good practice management is good for the patient and good for the personnel.

Provet Cloud provides many possibilities to raise awareness of importance of practice management among the personnel and the management of the company.

Let’s start from the simple things – do you have excess stock of a rarely used but enormously expensive medicine? Is the inventory rotation so slow you could consider reducing the amount of the medicine in stock and at the same time the possibility of wastage? Could you narrow down the number of different medicines you use? How much would the capital related to the medicine in stock be reduced if you remove the slowest moving articles from stock altogether? Could you use the money released elsewhere better?

As an example, an animal clinic chain, using Provet Cloud, shared their experience of a project which targeted to streamline practices in the patient care between the clinics and to narrow down the number of used medicines. They reviewed the medicine list in use in every clinic of the chain. Initially, the clinics could have five different commercial products with the same active substance. Large stock caused considerable losses to the chain. Before harmonization they had 540 different articles, after it there were 224, only one commercial product of same active ingredient. During the same project they harmonized the care practices for unified quality and documented them according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Item template setting (Settings>Items and Lists > Templates > Item templates)


Using item templates during the consultations not only reduces time used compared to input of all those items separately but also ensures that all the items are charged and that the proposed treatment process is followed.

Creating item templates requires first a little bit of concentration and discussion about best practice treatment process, however once the template is built in the settings, it is just a click of a button and the clinical personnel can use the same template, following the agreed treatment process. This means more time for the patient, same treatment process and quality for all patients and naturally, transparent and equal charging for the clients.

Provet Cloud stock management and reports  enable follow up of sales and use of medicines and many other indicators of the clinic. Sharing regularly information of how you are doing by the indicators helps the personnel to pay attention and learn about the good practice management.



Medicine usage report (Reports > Stock management > Medicine usage)



Reports overview (Reports > Summary)



Marja-Leena Nurmela

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