Digital triage means real-time knowledge for all

Triage is a universal classification of urgency. It is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately; influencing the order and priority of emergency treatment.

The purpose of triage is to improve the start of patient care in the right place of care and treatment. It is one of veterinarian tools.

Nowadays, in a busy animal clinic, real-time emergency knowledge is usually only seen in one room, maybe on paper.

Now we have it in digital form in Provet Cloud, web-based veterinary management software.

“The biggest benefit of triage is definitely the fact that the real-time emergency knowledge is visible in electronic form everywhere at the clinic”, Mira Heiskari, Product Owner of Provet Cloud, says.

Triage coordinator make notes directly to the computer. You don’t need to write to paper and then someone write it to computer.

All information in one place

The first clinic that has used  the Provet Cloud triage feature is the Blue Star Animal Hospital (Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus) in Sweden.

In the clinic, the triage is shown to everyone who works with the emergency cases and would only show the views in Provet Cloud that apply to emergency patients and relevant content.

Nowadays, triage coordinator use papers. To have triage details entered directly in the computer means that the team around the coordinator has a complete overview digitally. With digitalization, the efficiency and information flow will improve significantly.

The triage and enrollment coordinator can make estimations and inform colleagues directly in the system wherever they are at the clinic. It saves time and increases patient safety: all information is in one place.

”The triage coordinator meets a pet who has come into emergency, writes the triage directly in Provet Cloud, and the patient gets a colour and a triage priority. All can see it on the screen inside the Policlinic centre”, Heiskari says.

Then the emergency team can focus only on treating patients.

The interface supports the work of the staff, and there are alerts if the time limits are exceeded.


When triage coordinator writes the triage in Provet Cloud, the patient gets a color, triage priority.



Saara Liespuu

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