Pre-registration - Facilitates arrival registration and improves customer experience


When an appointment is made a confirmation email is sent out to the customer.

Just like the layout of the waiting room or the telephone response when booking, the arrival registration is important to give the customer a good first impression of a veterinary clinic. A positive customer experience at the check-in counter can affect the customer's impression of the entire visit.

Things like friendly service, short waiting times, and clear and structured information immediately make an impression on customers.

It is also usually appreciated that you do not have to answer questions or fill in long questionnaires at the same time as the customer should keep an eye on their pet in the waiting room.

With Provet Cloud’s pre-registration feature, a pre-registration link can be sent to customers who have scheduled an appointment. The customer can then fill in the information about themselves and their pets, from home or from their mobile phone in the waiting room. This feature makes customer registration both safer and faster.

Pre-registration facilitates customer registration once the customer has arrived at the clinic, as the reception no longer needs to collect some or even any information.

When having to collect the information over a busy front counter, mistakes can happen. It may be a name, address or telephone number that has changed or the patient's name is misspelt. Perhaps it's a customer who has never visited the clinic before.

By allowing the clients to fill in the information about themselves and their pets before arriving at the clinic, the time at the check-in counter is reduced and the customer has been able to enter the correct information. The quick arrival registration thus provides a better customer experience.


In the confirmation email there is a link "continue to pre- register".


Pre-registration is easy to use. When the customer receives their booking confirmation, they receive a link to send a secure code to their mobile phone number given when they booked the appointment. This assures the customer that their information is secure.

Once the correct code is entered, the page will open and the customer fills in the details. The customer can also upload a picture of their pet if they wish, which is usually appreciated. When the clinic then registers the patient in Provet Cloud, the receptionist receives a notice that the customer has pre-registered information and can approve it. Thus, the clinic has control over which information is changed or newly registered in the system, even if the customer has entered it themselves.


When the customer presses the button to pre-register, a verification code will be sent out to the customers phone.


Therefore, fewer questions about telephone numbers or address changes to the customer at the check-in desk are needed and the clinic staff can instead focus on veterinary questions and care.

Using pre-registration can be a simple and inexpensive solution to save time and improve the customer’s experience. Pre-registration in the future could replace the manual registration at the reception. But maybe we still want a bit of that personal meeting? It may also be important for the customer's first impression.

Providing an organized and customer service-oriented impression goes a long way to improving the customer's experience. In addition, efficient and accurate arrival registration can minimize waiting times and queues in the waiting room. Can the pre-registration function help your business reduce the workload at reception, save time or further improve your customers' overall experience?


After having put int the verification code, this comes up and the customer can fill in information about them self, their pet and the visit.


When the customer arrives to the clinic for the booked appointment, the personnel can see when marking it for arrived, that there is new information about the visit added from the customer in the preregistration form. The personnel can then press on the infroamtion and choose what to add.




Victoria Nervander

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