Provet Cloud has recently expanded to the United States


Provet Cloud originates in Finland and has expanded throughout Europe and now the United States.

”What stood out to our first customers started with the ease of use and ability to customize their workflows”, says U.S. Sales Manager Jordan Holmes.

Provet Cloud is very strong in a number of areas.

”For our first U.S. customers the REST API and data reporting capabilities really sealed the deal.”

The ability to gain valuable insight into an organization allows our practices to make actionable decisions, and the REST API allows them to build and connect custom applications.

”For multi-location chains the ability to show not only financial and operational data but also clinical data makes it easier to share best practices and improve the medicine throughout the organization. For single clinics and hospitals, the ability to mold the system into the needs of each practice allows more time to be spent practicing medicine and less time stuck on a computer.”

The most complete practice management system on the market

Our current U.S. offices are based in Nashville, Tennessee and in Denver, Colorado. Of course we offer Provet Cloud everywhere.
Our first U.S. customers locate in Washington, Arizona, Georgia, New York and Tennessee.

”While Provet Cloud is built for multi-location chains, large hospitals and universities, we have the ability to customize and simplify the system for clinics and hospitals of any size”, explains Holmes.

Our goal is to deliver the best and most complete practice management system on the market.

”I believe we can make everyone’s job in the clinic more efficient with our tools and allow employees to spend more time focusing on the clients and patients.”


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