Provet Cloud invests in support

This spring, organizational change has taken place in Provet Cloud's support, and now we invest in support more than ever. We are here for our customers!

”We get requests from customers who use Cloud in different ways to help with different issues. We guide, advise, and help”, Provet Cloud Support Team Leader Petri Pihlajamaa says.

Petri, Michele Pelkonen, Steffen Risnes, and Kalle Virkkala now form the support team. The team manages things in a more organized way than before.

”We want to keep the wheels running efficiently. Support is managed transparently”, Pihlajamaa says.

The support is divided into two parts, First Line Support and Second Line Support.

“The first one refers to the customer service side and the latter to the technical side,” Pihlajamaa explains.

Technical support helps in situations that cannot be solved by customer service. For customer support, it is important to try and recreate the issue from the user side and perhaps identify or narrow down the point where the problem occurs. This saves the technical support the time it takes to do the same work so that they can focus on the actual problem. In this way, customer support and technical support work together.

In its present form, the support team is also helping to improve the system better than before. Issues that come to support and then go to technical development are systematically and carefully considered from the perspective of different customers. A change to a feature that means improvement of the program to one client can bring a diminished user experience for another client.

Typically, support answers questions about how to handle billing in the Cloud, or how to report things forward. The program may not work with the logic that the user would expect.

“Or the user enables a new feature,” says Pihlajamaa. This may also require some guidance.

Petri considers the online Knowledge Base to be essential. From there, the user can look for help themselves and the support team can send videos or written instructions to someone in need.

Provet Cloud users can purchase user guidance, either locally or remotely. Support is available online, by email and by phone.

The most important thing for the support team is customer success and satisfaction. We have been called an approachable company and we are quite proud of it!


Saara Liespuu

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