Time is the new money


Time is one of the most valuable thing in an animal clinic. It often feels like there’s not enough time, and so Provet Cloud is designed to save your time that can be better spent on the essentials.

The absolute value of time is zero. However, if you have a booked time and no patient comes, you can never resell that time. That time is gone. That time was valuable.

A brilliant veterinary software helps you with a timetable. With Provet Cloud, you can send appointment reminders and personalized messages by SMS or e-mail. In addition, we give you the option to send fully-automated health check-up, vaccination, and laboratory reminders.

Many of our customers have told us that SMS reminders have reduced the number of forgotten appointments to almost zero.

Online booking is a must

It is to the clinic’s advantage if customers can book the time when they want instead of having to wait for the clinic’s phones to be open, perhaps even the next day. ”Next day” carries with it the risk that a booking might not be made at all. Many of clinics that have deployed online booking have told us that now they have got more customers than earlier.

When an appointment has to be booked over the phone, in the worst case, the person on the phone will interrupt a patient's care so that the appointment can be taken.

Which is better (or worse): let the customer on the phone wait or let the customer in the clinic wait? Why have to make that choice?

Planning the shifts and working schedules for your personnel in Provet Cloud also enables setting the times available for online booking – the times your clients see as available are based on which shifts you have defined as visible.

The customer must not notice the rush

Although every day seems like you’re in a hurry, the customer does not want to know it. The client wants his/her pet to be the focus.
If the client feels that the veterinarian is always in a hurry and not able to focus on them or the patient, he is not likely to come again.

Focusing on the animal and its problems is the veterinarian's most important job. That's why your veterinary software needs to be easy to use and work like a dream.

This is what we have invested in Provet Cloud. Use more time on patients, less on practice management. You are one click away from the information you need, all accessible from dashboard.

Your clients will also appreciate the possibility to get receipts and homecare information by e-mail. With features like this, they will have all the information they need at hand and they can check instructions anytime. It saves you time, they don’t need to spend time calling to ask for the homecare information again.


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