Customer Case: Cheltenham Equine Vets

We love to hear from our customers and their experiences with Provet Cloud. We especially love hearing stories of why they are pleased to be a part of the Provet Cloud family. Continue reading below to learn why Dr. Lindsay Brazil of Cheltenham Equine Vets in the United Kingdom is happy she chose Provet Cloud as their clinic’s practice management system.

Dr. Lindsay Brazil has been with the Provet Cloud family since 2019. She is a veterinary surgeon and partner at Cheltenham Equine Vets located in the United Kingdom. In addition to her roles at Cheltenham Equine Vets, Dr. Lindsay also operates a small equine and canine acupuncture clinic.

She first joined the Provet Cloud family when she began using Provet Cloud for her acupuncture clinic, and due to the ease of use of the software, readily elected to also transition Cheltenham Equine Vets onto Provet Cloud. Given Dr Lindsay’s extensive experience with Provet Cloud, we asked if she’d sit down to talk to us and share her experiences with others. Continue reading below to hear Dr. Lindsay’s thoughts on Provet Cloud!

Provet Cloud: What concerns did you have with your previous practice management software?

Dr. Lindsay: “We previously used software that is not cloud based. We also shared a server for this system with a small animal practice that we used to be part of. This meant that we were unable to email clients from software or use the reminder system. So all our invoices were sent by post which was time consuming and costly. Our cash flow was in a mess.”

Provet Cloud: What made cloud based Provet Cloud appealing to you?

Dr. Lindsay: “We are an ambulatory practice and as such increasingly aware of the need to work flexibly and access records and accounts on the road. We also have several part time vets so having a system that enabled them to write up and log in from home was important.”

Provet Cloud: What is your favorite aspect of Provet Cloud & the offered services?

Dr. Lindsay: “The fact that it is truly cloud based. This obviously relies on the internet but we can hotspot from phone data if we need to.”

Provet Cloud: What makes Provet Cloud stand out from other platforms?

Dr. Lindsay: “The support is very good. Previous systems have required a ticket to be raised and then a delay (sometimes VERY long) so that by the time they get back to you, you can’t remember the exact nature of the query. You can send any queries directly from the system via a help / chat button and send screenshots of the problem / add any attachments you need to. You then access a separate platform and you can look at the progress of queries or be reminded of solutions and share them with team members. Sometimes response is immediate, sometimes it takes a day or so but always within 48 hours. You can also just submit ideas for development via this means. I use it all the time and it has greatly helped with my understanding of the system and how to get it working for our practice. I feel like I am being a pain as I use it so often but I am always welcomed with a friendly, helpful and honest response. No fobbing off. If it can’t be done or is likely to be a longer term development plan then they say.”

Provet Cloud: Would you recommend Provet Cloud to others? And why?

Dr. Lindsay: “Yes. Cloud based. Clinician friendly – our vets find the day to day use very easy and pick it up quickly. Constantly evolving.”

Provet Cloud: Is there anything else you would add? Final thoughts?

Dr. Lindsay: “I am not a technical / IT person but I have to wear that hat in our practice. As such I researched which PMS to use. PVC to me seemed to have the most scope for flexibility in an ever changing and evolving world of technology. It does have its moments – but any computer system I have used does. The main thing is the support is great and the team is invested in getting it right and getting to the bottom of problems.

The initial data transfer was a headache – but again having been in practice for 20+ years every -C use COVID-19 hit and we really had to work truly remotely. Without PVC we would have been in real trouble. I hadn’t delved into the reporting and debt management side of things until this point. We had a huge amount of outstanding debt. I was able to customise the system and organise the aged debt to send out bespoke debt letters and use the tagging system (which is another thing which is fantastic and can really help you get the most out of the system) and we recovered about 80% of our aged debt in a period of about 6 weeks.”

Thank you Dr. Lindsay Brazil for sharing your experiences of Provet Cloud with us and others!

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