Provet Cloud Q3 Roadmap Update

Provet Cloud Q3 Roadmap Update

Based on your feedback and recommendations, we have decided to develop the following new features in Q3. Here is a brief overview of the features we are developing in Q3.

Improved navigation

More condensed pages to enable better access to relevant information and data, improvements to navigation on client, patient, invoice and consultation page, floating buttons at the bottom of the consultation and invoice page and many more. 

Patient History Improvements

Improved filtering options and faster loading speed.

Reminder extensions

Extending our current reminder functionality to enable option to backdate reminder, print out reminders.

Task Lists

Create task lists(callbacks, prescription renewals) and assign users to specific list.

Vaccination Records and History

To allow easy access to the patient’s vaccination details we have planned a new section to the patient’s page summarising vaccination details. Easy printout of the vaccination history or a single vaccination will be included to this development.

Written Prescription Improvements

We are unifying prescription printouts from different parts of the system to ensure writing prescriptions always use the same workflow. Repeated medicine sales workflow will be also improved at the same time.

E-prescription Billing Service (Sweden)

Developing an e-prescription billing service that allows clinics to charge a fee through Trofast company. Integrating this service to Provet Cloud is needed in order to allow clinics to continue with this same service what we have had for our other products.

Alternative pricing features (UK)

Improved pricing feature that allows creating more product variants for the same item. We will also add the possibility to add different discounts to the purchase prices and to use those as part of creating new prices options.

Additional Medicine fees

Extensions to the current injection and dispense fees functionality to enable users to have the access and option to include or exclude injection fees at any time during their workflow no matter if it was estimations they were doing or counter sale.

Production Animal Improvements

Improvement to production animal consultation page workflow that work better for dozens, even hundreds of animals and make it easier to treat for a whole herd at once. 


Janne Hyötyläinen

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