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The popular Viivi Health Telemedicine feature for remote consultations was first introduced as a Beta version in March.  As we take our users' feedback seriously, we are constantly working to improve our users’ experience and develop new capabilities. Included in our May update is a more stable version of Viivi: This version no longer requires the client to install the Viivi mobile app. The mobile app has been replaced by opening the connection through the device's web browser when the Viivi link is selected from the appointment confirmation sent to the client. In addition, we have significantly improved and enhanced the video quality and visual appearance.

Viivi Health Telemedicine is free to our Provet Cloud users through June 30, 2020.  If you’re not a current user of Provet Cloud, please download a free trial at to see what you’ve been missing!

You can read more about the Viivi Heath Telemedicine feature here.





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