Veterinary Telemedicine Application Viivi Health

Viivi Health, a telemedicine add-on feature of Provet Cloud, allows veterinarians to manage consultations remotely with their clients via a video call. It offers veterinarians a great way to provide telemedicine services to customers. The platform not only supports communication between the vet and the client, but it also allows them to share their screens, making it simple to communicate and review instructions and past diagnoses. It is a safe and dependable telemedicine platform for both mobile and browser, which makes it easy to integrate with clinics’ existing management systems.

Here are some benefits of Viivi Telemedicine Application:

  • Personnel can automatically create telemedicine appointments. Send out a direct link to the room with the room ID via SMS or email. Another option is to create the telemedicine room manually after having already created an appointment. This means that the URL and ID must be sent manually as well.

  • Easy to use on mobile devices. Clients on the go can take part in the appointment straight from their phone or tablet. They don’t need to install anything, they can simply click the link that has been sent to them and enter the consultation with the room ID given on the invitation.

  • Appointment calendar integration. Telemedicine appointments are clearly marked on the appointment calendar with a Viivi icon. With the help of notifications, veterinarians can easily see directly on their dashboard whether their appointment is online or in-office to avoid misunderstandings. The displayed banner will also include a direct link to the consultation room. Additionally, vets can move easily between tabs to write notes on Provet Cloud while holding the call on Viivi Health.

  • Multiple parties on one call. There can be up to four participants on the video call. Moreover, everyone in the call can share their screen and talk in the integrated chat box. 

  • A secure and reliable solution. The Viivi Health telemedicine service has been developed by the Provet Cloud team and it is hosted on servers managed by our company. The data is encrypted and no customer information is saved from the calls.


Read more about how to set up and use Viivi Health. If you haven't yet tried the Viivi Health telemedicine service, you can contact our sales team for more information. 


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