A special clinic needs strong workmanship

Allergies are common in dogs and can cause a lot of suffering for animals and owners. Atopy (environment allergies) and food allergies often cause itching and recurrent infections in the ears, paws and skin.

Luckily there is a lot of help, says veterinarian and skin specialist Susanne Åhman. Her clinic, VetaDerm Veterinary Clinic in Sweden, specialises in allergies.
”VetaDerm Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in September 2017, in Lomma, just north of Malmö, Sweden. It is a highly specialized clinic, dedicated solely to dermatology, allergy, and otology”, Åhman says.

She has over 20 years of experience in dealing with difficult, challenging cases. She has written books and articles and is an appreciated lecturer. She is also Sweden’s only specialist in veterinary dermatology and one of only three veterinarians across the Nordic region with European specialist competence in dermatology (European Diplomate in Dermatology).

VetaDerm Veterinary Clinic is well equipped, although for the majority of dermatology cases you only need a microscope, otoscope and your clinical skills. If needed they do have also video otoscope, x-ray, ultrasound, and a large surgical area, so the clients are well cared for. As their slogan says: VetaDerm Veterinary Clinic gives you skills that make a difference.

Susanne Åhman is one of only three veterinarians across the Nordic region with European specialist competence in dermatology.

A better life for the pet and for the owner

”The majority of our patients, around 80 percent, are dogs, the rest are felines”, Susanne Åhman says.

They share premises with a specialised clinic for exotic animals, so all birds, reptiles and lagomorphs with dermatological issues will be handled by them.

The most common skin complaint is an itchy dog with allergy.

”I started to take an interest in dermatology and allergy about 30 years ago - before becoming a vet - when I got a beautiful American cocker spaniel puppy, that rapidly became increasingly troubled by pruritus, chronic ear and skin disease”, Åhman tells.

From personal experience, she learned how frustrating it may be having a dog with chronic disease. So one of her primary goals when treating a pet with chronic skin disease is to improve quality of life both for the owner and for the pet.

Susanne Åhman chose Provet Cloud because she wanted a modern, cloud-based system that was compatible with Mac-computers.

”It has been very reliable and I have found many tools surprisingly good for keeping track of the economy. I'm still missing the opportunity to export CIE-files into my accounting-data-system, but hopefully this will come in the near future”, she says.

Allergies can cause a lot of suffering for dog and owner.


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