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Veterinarian Piia Pekkola started operations in Finland last February. In the spring, she published a happy message on Facebook: 39 customers had submitted a response to the feedback questionnaire that came with the email receipt and all they were super-satisfied. Customer satisfaction 100%!

"What else can you say other than ‘Thank you, I will always try my best’. For me, customer experience is very important – how do I prepare for a consultation, how I treat the client and patient, treat patients safely and with care, and make sure that I have enough time for my client," Pekkola says.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, she had followed the progress of Provet Cloud, and for a small business, it felt like the best solution. The usability of the software during a consultation and the maintenance side are simple to use.

"I especially like reporting and the possibility to collect customer feedback. They are excellent features," she says.


Photographer Sami Osenius


There is a need for a home veterinary practitioner

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Pekkola worked in a big clinic chain.

"I felt there would be a need for a home veterinary service. My life situation allowed a change, so I took a moment. I do not have a clinic, but I treat pets at the owner's home, whenever possible," she says.

As a veterinarian, she does basic health care measures and dog breeding-related issues, such as pregnancy ultrasound scans, puppy inspections, vaccinations, and microchipping.

A typical customer is a dog breeder or a family who hopes that an animal will be treated at home, either because of an animal's fear, stress, or transport problems. Of course, there are also acute patients such as those having wounds, abscesses, wasp stings, or abdominal pain.

Pekkola has extensive experience in small animals.

"I am an experienced small animal veterinarian, I have been on call quite a bit and I do not startle a lot these days with just about anything. I am also trained to treat dogs’ and cats’ dental diseases, as well as to perform official examinations," she says.



Photographer Sami Osenius


SoMe is suitable for marketing

As a new entrepreneur, Pekkola is pleased to see that the activity is getting more and more lively all the time. Customers have received the service well and have been grateful when the vet can help in acute situations and also by appointment.

One essential thing is the appropriate pricing.

"I have kept my prices moderate so that everyone can use my services," says Piia Pekkola.

“Social media is a good way to spread the word about a new company. Many of my clients come through my acquaintances. Neighbors or co-workers have recommended me, and the word spreads.”

The customer experience is important for veterinarian Piia Pekkola. She is pleased with the possibility to get customer feedback in Provet Cloud.



Photographer Sami Osenius



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