New technology facilitates the operation of the clinic

Tiina Toomet’s Pet Clinic in Tallinn is one of the oldest private animal clinics in Estonia. It was founded in 1991. The clinic boasts 5 examination rooms. There are internist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, neurologist and dermatologist services available, and also a physician specializing in heart and respiratory diseases.

Tiina Toomet says that a successful diagnosis is a prerequisite for successful treatment. In addition to X-ray and ultrasound equipment, the clinic has its own laboratory. They also work with many laboratories in Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

An early adopter of the Provet Weight Check Point

Tiina Toomet’s Pet Clinic is one of the first Provet Weight Check Point users.

"Provet Cloud offered it and I decided to try. We mostly weigh dogs, sometimes cats. Cats are weighed in a cage."

Provet Weight Check Point is a combination of a scale and microchip reader. The customer puts the animal on the scale and reads its microchip. Both of the data results go automatically to the Provet Cloud management system without having to enter them separately.

Around 30 patients visit the Toomet’s clinic every day. About half of them are weighed at the Weight Check Point.

"Sometimes there are so many patients in the waiting room that weighing is difficult. The reception staff advises customers," says Tiina Toomet.

In Estonia, according to the law, the dogs in Tallinn and certain municipalities must have a microchip.

"When the weight comes to Provet, we have found dogs with a chip number wrongly written in the Provet, or those that do not have a chip number at all. Some dogs don’t like their chip to be read on the scale, even though they don’t resist when reading it on the floor," says Toomet.

Provet responds to questions quickly

According to Tiina Toomet, the secret to the long-term success of the animal clinic is the excellent personnel. The whole crew is doing teamwork successfully.

"Technology and digitalization make it easier, at least for the younger ones. We older veterinarians are sometimes in trouble with technology, but the young ones help," Toomet smiles.

One of the success factors is certainly the attachment to new things and new technologies. Tiina Toomet notes that the other side of the case is the fear that the Internet or technology will stop working –  then you can be really helpless.

"Fortunately, this has happened very rarely. We are grateful that our problems are being taken seriously and quickly by Provet. It's really important."

Tiina Toomet's Pet Clinic is ready to try new technology. The Provet Weight Check Point is one example of this.



Saara Liespuu

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