NMBU chose Provet Cloud

FNS was awarded the tender for practice management software as put out for bid by the NMBU, Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences), and proudly announces that Provet Cloud is the new practise management software of NMBU.

At NMBU you can study Bioscience, BI, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Landscape and Society, Environmental Science and Natural Management, Science and Technology and Veterinary Science.

Within the School of Veterinary Science, there are three departments: Equine, Small Animals and Productions Animals. They are now located in Oslo and in Ås, right outside of Oslo, but they will move their complete facilities to Ås next year.

Currently, they are building a new ”clinic”. Estimated costs are 8 billion NOK, and it is near completion.

NMBU also has research facilities for studies on Food, Environment, Plants, Technology and Landscape.

NMBU is very international university. It collaborates with several foreign universities, and 30% of students choose to study abroad. There are also many international students who come to NMBU. About 15% of the student population comes from other countries, with nearly 100 nations represented.


Saara Liespuu

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