The combination of scales and microchip reader improves efficiency

The animal clinic EHYT is located in Halikko. It is one of the two clinics in Finland where a combination of microchip reader and scales has been tested.

"The weight of the dog is one of the things that are asked already when checking in. Now a customer can put the dog on scales and scan the microchip himself. With one touch of a button, the information comes to us on the Provet system on the correct animal card," says Clinic Manager Minna Putila.

In the daily life of the clinic, it is common that customers come at the same time. Sometimes it's quiet, and after a while there is a queue to check in. When customers do the weighing themselves and the information goes directly to the system, time is saved. At the same time, the chance of error is reduced as the numbers are not entered manually.

Putila also sees the benefit of the system in the case of animals whose weight has to be monitored for some reason. The customer can conveniently go to weigh the animal at his own time. Information logs into the clinic system.

The animal clinic EHYT has been testing the device for half a year. Some customers use it already expertly, some must be yet advised. The more familiar the device gets, the more it saves staff’s time.

"There are big differences between customers in how well they control their pets. If the dog is timid and frightened and exasperated by the situation, it is difficult enough to get it on the scales. For the owner, reading the microchip can then be tricky. We will help for sure," says Putila.

The animal clinic EHYT's name comes from the words "eläimesi hyvinvointitiimi", "your animal’s welfare team" in English. In addition to the clinic, there are a pet shop EHYT outlet, a self-service pet wash, a water treadmill, and EHYT Areena for lecture and training sessions. EHYT partners provide dog massage and animal physiotherapy and osteopathy in the same building. The physiotherapist treats people, too.

There are 12 people working in the animal clinic during summer time. There are almost 12,000 annual customer visits. Most of the patients are dogs, about 75%. Cats are about a quarter of the patients, and there are also some rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Even a turtle and a chicken have visited the clinic!

The clinic offers comprehensive health care services for pets. Services include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, skin and ear diseases, laboratory, official checks, dental care and imaging. The clinic also has a dental X-ray and therapeutic laser.


Saara Liespuu

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