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Blå Stjärna Academy 2019 focused on job satisfaction

The Swedish animal hospital Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus organizes the Nordic small veterinary conference, Blå Stjärna Academy, every year.

This year, a one-day seminar focused on coping with work, learning at work, and developing one's self.

“I was particularly impressed when the lectures showed images taken from an electron microscope on genuine nerves. It showed what happens to them when a person is studying”, says veterinarian Eva Kaisti from FNS.

During learning, protrusions grow on the nerves. When their number increases, there are more connections between the nerves.

“At the lectures, it was emphasized that it is much better to study for even one hour a day than to study eight hours at a time, and then have a break. If new protrusions do not grow for a long time, the old ones will start to squander away”, Kaisti says.

Regular studying, training, and repetition are the best way to strengthen your learning and your memory.

The conference also talked about the haste of animal clinics. Veterinary medicine has developed a lot and customers can be demanding. The combination of demand and rush is a burden for staff.

“In the work of a veterinarian, the competence of human contacts is constantly emphasized. It would be a good idea to have psychology studies included in veterinary training”, Kaisti says.


Blå Stjärna Academy Director, Bert Jan Reezigt, talked with Victoria Nervander about Provet Cloud.



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