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FECAVA2018 – the place to be in June 2018!

“The Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ESAVA) is very honored to organize and host the 24th FECAVA EuroCongress in Tallinn 14.-16.06.2018. We are especially proud about the outstanding scientific program, which includes various topics, so hopefully, everybody can find something close to their heart”, says Ingrid Hang, FECAVA2018 Programme Co-ordinator and President of the Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association.

At FECAVA2018 there will be 4 lecture halls running at the same time for all 3 days, covering 16 different veterinary topics. In addition, on the pre-congress day (13.06.2018) they will have four practical workshops and on June 15 the nurses’ program will take place.

The FECAVA Symposium is always the most important part of the FECAVA EuroCongress and this year it is dedicated to Behavior, called "Is it Behavior or Pathology?".

“Basically, it will be a panel discussion between behavior specialists and ophthalmology/dermatology/gastroenterology/neurology etc. specialists. This year there are very many well-known speakers coming and a lot of them are from Scandinavia”, Ingrid Hang told.


Well-known speakers

The chosen speakers are very well-qualified to ensure a good outcome: a majority of the speakers are Diplomates and certified specialists in veterinary fields.

“We truly believe that the lectures will be interesting for the participants and that they will gain a lot of new knowledge during the congress.”

The venue of the congress (The Creative Hub) is historic and very unique as is the rest of Tallinn. Hang especially recommends a visit to the Seaplane Harbour, the Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum, and the Old Town.

“We would also like to introduce Estonia’s choir singing tradition and to remind you that with regard to your pets, microchip implants and registration are important. Every animal needs to have a home and every animal needs to be trackable. Who else than vets should remind this to pet owners! There will be a singing performance on 15 June at 8.30 on the steps of the Tallinn City Hall”, Hand says.

The FECAVA EuroCongress is not only about gathering knowledge, but also about having a good time and offering a place to meet and catch up with colleagues, friends and business partners.


Participants all over the world

At the beginning of June, there are over 1,250 participants from all over the world, especially from Scandinavian countries, but even some people are coming from India and one from Sao Paolo.

“There are approximately 690 vets, 135 nurses and 78 students registered to the FECAVA2018 EuroCongress”, Hang says.

“I think this FECAVA congress has many speakers from Scandinavia, meaning that all the issues important for that region will be covered. Also, as in previous years, we have a full-day program for nurses on 15.06.2018, which has a very interesting and dense scientific program, covering behavior, reproduction, anesthesia, exotic animals etc. I hope the nurses will be satisfied.”

As they would also like to introduce Estonian products, a fair of local goods will be held as a part of the congress.




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