Very successful Provet Cloud User Day in Edinburgh

The second Provet Cloud User Day was held on April 9 in Edinburgh. There were about 20 participants from England, Scotland, Sweden, Italy and Finland.

”It was great that we had participants from many countries and different-sized clinics and customer segments. The visit at the University of Edinburgh Veterinary Hospital was really great, to see Provet Cloud in daily usage. The atmosphere during the day and evening was like a one big family”, Mira Heiskari from Provet Cloud says.

This time we heard about experiences in using Provet Cloud. Nicklas Mathiasson from Evidensia, Sweden, told how to use the data gathered in Provet Cloud. Ida Wetter introduced how Blå Stjärnans djursjukhus in Sweden uses the laboratory module.

There were also Alison Lambert’s (Onswitch) very interesting presentation ”How to make it easier to do business with you? It’s all about the customer experience.”

”Presentation of the customer experience by Alison was plenty of food for thought for both Provet Cloud users and FNS personnel”, Mira Heiskari tells.

Adam Gow from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, spoke about the diagnostic imaging workflow at the University of Edinburgh. Afterwards, participants were treated to a very informative and interesting visit to the University of Edinburgh Veterinary Hospital.

“The energy around the room during the User Day was one of a spirit of cooperation, and that can only be beneficial to users and FNS alike,” notes Michele Pelkonen, from FNS. “It serves to enhance the user’s relationship with Provet Cloud.”

Mira Heiskari thinks that the Provet Cloud User Day is an important event because users can share their ways of working, talk about the benefits the software is bringing to their daily lives and other thoughts around Provet Cloud. ”We can share information about Provet Cloud’s ongoing and planned developments, and also got feedback from the users of the plans.”


Saara Liespuu

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