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Better workflows and simpler everyday life when Motala Animal clinic switched to Provet Cloud

At animal clinics, an intuitive, user-friendly and efficient record system fulfills a key function for a smooth everyday life with a focus on the animals and their owners. In autumn 2021, Motala Djurklinik chose to change its record system from Sanimalis to Provet Cloud, a cloud-based and user-friendly record system that helps the user save time and focus on the patients.

- We used Sanimalis for many years, but since the system is no longer upgraded continuously, we were missing more and more functions needed to create an efficient flow in our business. We therefore decided to take the plunge and switch to Provet Cloud. It wasn't particularly difficult to make the decision to change the record system because Provet Cloud is cloud-based and can offer the functionality we demand, says Angelica Cederin, clinic manager at Motala Djurklinik, a small animal clinic with eight employees.

Another reason why Motala Djurklinik chose to switch from Sanimalis to Provet Cloud is that it is a newer and more modern software, which opens up new possibilities.


Motala animal clinic staff, with Angelica Cederin on the far right in the second row. Photo: Stefan Lotrean.

Intuitive and sophisticated system that makes everyday life easier

- It has become incredibly much easier for me as clinic manager to schedule my staff in Provet Cloud. I also appreciate that Provet Cloud is a sophisticated and intuitive system that we have been able to adapt based on our business and our needs, says Angelica Cederin.

She regards Provet Cloud as a stable and reliable system, which is a security in the clinic's daily operations.

- I also appreciate that there is Swedish phone support that is available when we need them. If we are missing a function, I can easily contact support and get help finding a solution or suggest new functions in the system, says Angelica Cederin.



“Our Provet Cloud support answers questions about usage, creative solutions around the functionality and technical problems, and we are available via three channels; phone, e-mail and chat”, says Susanne Max, support coordinator for Provet Cloud (picture).


Because Provet Cloud is cloud-based, Angelica Cederin and her colleagues can log into the system from their mobile phone, tablet or computer, at home or at work. Motala Djurklinik has also chosen to integrate its lab results into Provet Cloud, which saves a lot of time in everyday life because the staff can easily find all the necessary patient information in one and the same place.

Smoother workflow and business-adapted functionality

- Changing a journal system always requires thought and a work effort. We received good support from Nordhealth's implementation specialist Camilla, who guided us in the right direction in the transition between Sanimalis and Provet Cloud. We had regular meetings once or twice a week and chose to invest a relatively large amount of time in the implementation phase to adapt the system based on our preferences and needs. For example, we work a lot with clinical note templates and article templates, which facilitates the daily work, says Angelica Cederin.

She is generally very satisfied with the support the clinic received from Nordhealth, both in the implementation phase and when the new record system was in operation.

- Support responds quickly and their technicians can log in and view our journal system from their own screen, which facilitates and gives them a quick insight into our problem situation, says Angelica Cederin.

Her advice to other animal clinics considering switching to a more modern and functional record system is to really utilize the skills of the support staff and to be prepared to invest some time in the implementation.

- The time we invested in the implementation phase has been returned many times over because we have achieved a smoother flow that frees up time, says Angelica Cederin.


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Click here to book your own migration from Sanimalis to Provet Cloud.

Author (original article in Swedish): Annika Wihlborg.


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