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Instantly reconcile customer payments with customer records.

Nordhealth Pay is a comprehensive payment solution fully integrated with Provet Cloud, designed to help vets reduce administrative tasks, eliminate manual errors, and free up valuable time.

Built on the latest payment technology, Nordhealth Pay provides your customers with a choice of payment options. They can pay by card in-clinic, online via a secure link or simply allow clinic staff to charge an authorised card saved securely against their account.

  • Collect, manage and report on payments quickly and securely
  • Eliminate manual reconciliations through native integration
  • Speed up the processing of payments
  • Improve customer service through flexible and recurring payment options
  • We take care of everything - set-up, configuration and payment terminals.

Talk to us about how Nordhealth Pay and Provet Cloud can save time for your practice. Simply complete the form and we'll show you around!

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Nordhealth Pay complies with the most stringent payment industry security standards (PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1).


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Nordhealth Pay allows your customers to manage their cashflow,  phase payments and split invoices across different payment methods.

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Nordhealth Pay connects seamlessly with Provet Cloud, instantly reconciling customer payments with customer records.