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Provet Cloud for first-opinion clinics

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Empowering you to improve care, save time,
and increase revenue

Empowering you to improve care, save time, and increase revenue by using automations, one-click features and integrations, to simplifying and streamlining client and patient workflows.

First opinion - Automation


Easy automation for busy practices. Provet Cloud can automatically create reminders, clinical notes, and discharge instructions by simply adding your items to the invoice, so you can spend more time with your patients.

First opinion - Customization


Build the system that best fits your needs. Add or remove features depending on your workflows and even create your own custom fields where you need a little extra.

First opinion - Reason types

Reason Types

Stop missing charges and automate consultations. Using Provet Cloud’s reason types you can add all charges and items to consultations with easy-to-create templates.

First opinion - Integrations


Save time by staying connected. Have access to your favorite labs, payment processors, suppliers, and more all within Provet Cloud.

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Here’s what our customers think of us

“Our queries are always dealt with efficiently. Provet Cloud’s support team has responded more quickly than any other software company we have used despite not being based in the UK.”

Sally Harrison, Practice Manager at Riverside Veterinary Centre, UK

“Customization is a key feature along with the complete predisposition to do almost everything. In the initial period, every time I contacted support to ask if it is possible to do something, I always received a solution.”

Tommaso Collarile, Veterinarian and manager of Centro Veterinario

“When we deployed Provet Cloud, my workday was immediately shortened by an hour, thanks to a new rapid lab integration that enables the lab results to be automatically transferred to Provet Cloud. This has never happened before!”

Mimmi, Laboratory manager, Öresunds Veterinärklinik in Lund, Sweden

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