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SMS confirmations reduce missed appointments

Riverside Veterinary Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, started using Provet Cloud as their veterinary clinic software last year. Practice Manager Sally Harrison told of the good start on our Provet Cloud blog, here.

Now we asked for her experience after using Provet Cloud for a longer time.

”The team quickly settled into using the system and with confidence. There are multiple ways in which to do most of the commonly used features”, she says.

One excellent feature is to email receipts to owners.

”We’re doing our bit for the environment by emailing receipts to owners. This means stationery costs have been reduced too.”

Another thing she likes is stock control. By using a good clinic management software, stock control is much more regular and costs are managed. For example, SMS parasitic treatment reminders prior to Provet Cloud had to be sent in bulk each month. Now with Provet Cloud, these are sent out daily on an individual patient basis so they no longer have a rush with stock and embarrassingly run out.

More time to the clinical side of work

”Uploading reports, etc., for patients is quick. We have a happier team as they’re no longer moaning daily about software being slow or limited! It’s allowed the team more time to focus on the clinical side of work. For example, we’re now regularly taking and recording blood pressure for our senior patients during appointments rather than falling out with the label printer!”

Sally Harrison says that they are currently trialling a new laboratory integration. There are some improvements to be made but they know this is a work-in-progress.

”We appreciate the monthly software updates. It’s good to know that our feedback is acknowledged and used to improve Provet for all users”, she says.

Owners love receiving SMS confirmation of their pet’s appointment. At Riverside Veterinary Centre missed appointments are rare now and in fact, the owner follows them up as soon as they receive a reminder SMS and realise they’ve missed it!

Locums find the system really easy to grasp even if they’ve not used it before.

No need to back up systems

Sally explains that a cloud-based system is an absolute good choice. You don’t need to spend time backing up the system.

”Our queries are always dealt with efficiently. Provet Cloud’s support team has responded more quickly than any other software company we have used despite not being based in the UK. Also, I like the easy access. I’ve been able to work from home during treatment that prevented me from being at work.”

Provet Cloud is constantly evolving. At Riverside Veterinary Centre, they look forward to a direct ordering with a wholesaler via Provet Cloud.

”Provet Cloud is also developing a marketing email system with which we will be able to target owners with services and offers”, Sally Harrison says.


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