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“Our queries are always dealt with efficiently. Provet Cloud’s support team has responded more quickly than any other software company we have used despite not being based in the UK.”

Sally Harrison,
Practice Manager at Riverside Veterinary Centre

SMS confirmations reduce missed appointments

Riverside Veterinary Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, started using Provet Cloud as their veterinary clinic software last year. Practice Manager Sally Harrison told of the good start on our Provet Cloud blog, here.

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“Customization is a key feature along with the complete predisposition to do almost everything. In the initial period, every time I contacted support to ask if it is possible to do something, I always received a solution.”

Tommaso Collarile,
Manager of Centro Veterinario Specialistico

Centro Veterinario Specialistico is the first private Provet Cloud user in Italy

”In a cost-effective clinic, it is essential to be able to propose a complete price quotation to clients without forgetting any item. This is possible with Provet Cloud with the help of the templates”, says Tommaso Collarile, veterinarian and...

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“As a referral clinic, our work starts before the patient arrives. We need to have previous X-rays, histories, and clinic notes. We can attach those really easily to a patient’s file. This history can be sent to the client and the referring vet. This allows us to save time when writing histories and sending emails. That’s why for a clinic that works with referral cases, Provet Cloud has so many advantages.”

Pachi Clemente,
Specialist in Medical Oncology, La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria

Provet Cloud makes life much easier at a referral clinic

La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria in Calp, Alicante, Spain, is a specialized centre in veterinary oncology with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in dog and cats.

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“The thing we like the most from Provet Cloud is the easy way to manage the communication with clients, appointments and reminders”

CEO of Company

Openvet appreciates the easy interaction with clients in vet software

”The thing we like the most from Provet Cloud is the easy way to manage the communication with clients, appointments and reminders”, Doctor José Luis Blázquez Lumbreras, CEO of Openvet says.

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