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Provet Cloud makes life much easier at a referral clinic

La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria in Calp, Alicante, Spain, is a specialized centre in veterinary oncology with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in dog and cats.

Under the common name of cancer, there are more than 100 different diseases that affect dogs and cats. A correct diagnosis is the essential step to be able to offer the most accurate information about the prognosis (how the tumour will behave and how it responds to treatment) and about the treatment options.

In recent years, new diagnostic means have made it possible to obtain more precise diagnoses and recognize groups with more accurate forecasts. An example is the different types of canine lymphoma diagnosed with flow cytometry, which predict the differences in survival (from a few months to several years depending on the type of lymphoma) and allow the most appropriate treatment to be used in each case.

”At La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria we treat mainly cases referred by patient’s usual veterinarian. She or he can refer the pet to the specialist to perform diagnostic tests, know the prognosis and treatment options, or be treated at our centre”, Specialist in Medical Oncology, Pachi Clemente says. He has been certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Very important patient’s history

”As a referral clinic, our work starts before the patient arrives. We need to have previous X-rays, histories and clinic notes, for example. One of the advantages of Provet Cloud is that we can attach those really easily to a patient’s file”, Pachi Clemente says.

This history can be sent simultaneously to the client and the referring vet.

”This allows us not to spend much time writing histories and sending emails. That’s why for a clinic that works with referral cases, Provet Cloud has so many advantages.”

Veterinarian Elena Sánchez Requena says the same: ”One of the main Provet Cloud advantages that we can highlight is that we are able to have a good connection between the referral vets and our clients in that we can attach all the information.”

Personalised templates make life easier

It’s possible to personalise the system according to your needs.

Veterinarian Paula Ivars Jansen likes that in Provet Cloud it is possible to create her own templates.

”The system allows you to have and create your own templates. For example, in our case, the one I like the most is the animal health check, where you can fill it in just by clicking in the boxes”, she says.

She lists the good features of Provet Cloud: ”Reminders, vaccination reminders, and appointment confirmations with instructions on how to get to the clinic and what they have to bring with them, such as passports, or if they are not allowed to eat before the consultation because of a laboratory test. They are all really good features.”

As a web-based service, Provet Cloud can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Doctor Pachi Clemente thinks it is a very good feature.

”The system allows you to work from home or from everywhere. You are given access to the patient files or histories anywhere you are.”


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