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Userday 20 Nov, 2020

Virtual Provet Cloud User Day

On November 11th 2020, we had our second virtual Provet Cloud user day. User days are bi-annual events where our customers can learn about Provet...

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Userday 31 Oct, 2019

The User Day was wonderful

Doctor Domán took time to participate in the User Day for the first time. He says that he was glad to be able to visit Helsinki and Tallinn as...

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Userday 07 Oct, 2019

Provet Cloud User Day is coming!

The third Provet Cloud User Day will take place on Oct 15th-16th in Tallinn, Estonia. Part of the program will be arranged on the ferry M/S...

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Product updates

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Product updates 11 Dec, 2020

What's New - December 2020

New Features Patient history In this release, the patient history has been moved directly onto the patient page with it’s own unique patient...

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16 Nov, 2020

What's New - November 2020

New Features Self check-in The self check-in feature gives clients the ability to check themselves in and indicate they have arrived to their...

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20 Oct, 2020

What's New - October 2020

New Features Consolidation of the patient medical history to the patient page We are consolidating the patient medical history to the patient page...

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Customer cases

21 Oct, 2019

”Owners love receiving SMS confirmation of their pet’s appointment”

Riverside Veterinary Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, started using Provet Cloud as their veterinary clinic software last year. Practice Manager...

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Blog 16 Sep, 2019

Centro Veterinario Specialistico is the first private Provet Cloud user in Italy

”In a cost-effective clinic, it is essential to be able to propose a complete price quotation to clients without forgetting any item. This is...

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Blog 10 Sep, 2019

Provet Cloud makes life much easier at a referral clinic

La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria in Calp, Alicante, Spain, is a specialized centre in veterinary oncology with extensive experience in the...

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Blog 16 Dec, 2020

Omaeläinklinikka is a satisfied user of Provet Cloud

We interviewed Jaana Tarkki, the CEO of Omaeläinklinikka, regarding their business’ experience with Provet Cloud. Provet Cloud has been in use at...

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Blog 25 Nov, 2020

Business Intelligence services

Business intelligence (BI) is about utilising the daily performance data from your company's regular operations to support management's...

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Blog 25 Aug, 2020

The future of Provet Cloud

The future of Provet Cloud Provet Cloud veterinary practice management solution was launched in 2014. Provet Cloud was built leveraging our...

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