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What's New - January 2022

A new version of Provet Cloud will be released on Wednesday 12th of January 2022. We have developed new features, implemented improvements on existing features and fixed bugs.

New Features

Invoice printout: group by patient

  • We have added a new print setting for invoices. The invoice rows can now be grouped by patient to provide patient subtotals on the invoice printout.

Item Bundle printout as a single identifying row

  • Item bundles can now be printed (on invoices and estimates) as a single row with one price. New settings to control the print behavior are available directly on the item bundle configuration page. There will be two separate settings to individually handle the desired print for estimates and invoices. The settings can be overwritten when adding bundles to invoices or estimates if needed.. The VAT/Sales Tax of the items in the bundle is summarized on the invoice printout.
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Improvements to the Prepayment report

The following changes have been made to the prepayment report:

  • The shown client name is now an interactive link which will redirect to the client’s page if clicked
  • An invoice column has been added that shows details of the usage of the prepayment against invoices
  • A new “Used” column has been added which shows the total used amount of the prepayment

The prepayment report can be filtered by client

  • A filter option has been added to filter against clients. It is now possible to select a single or multiple clients for the prepayment report.

The prepayments are shown in Payments report

  • The Payments report now shows when a prepayment has been used as a payment on an invoice.

Disclaimer to large PDF reports

  • A disclaimer is printed on all PDF reports when the number of columns exceeds 10. The disclaimer advises the user to export the report in Excel for a better overview of the content as the PDF has restricted print space and it is not optimal for reports with a large amount of columns.

Month end report filter changes

  • A new filter “Filter by” has been added to the month end report. The selection options for this new filter are “Date” and “Invoice number”, with “Date” as the default selection.
  • When “Date” is selected the old filters are shown and when “Invoice number” is selected a new multi-select field for invoices is shown and the date related filters are hidden. The “Invoice number” filtering is independent of the date range filtering and any selections made on the date range filters will have no effect on the results of the invoice number selection.
  • This change allows the Month end report to contain information solely based on selected invoices for reconciliation purposes.

Draft diagnostic imaging referral improvements

  • It is now possible to create a draft Diagnostic Imaging referrals without a consultation from the dashboard or patient page, and still from the original workflow from a consultation. The draft referral can then be later added to an appointment or to a consultation. Once it is used in a consultation it will no longer be in the draft status.

Scheduling resources

  • Shift planning now allows for creating shifts for resources. These shifts can also be used on the appointment calendar. This change will improve visualization and help prevent duplicate scheduling. On the shift calendar you can switch between users and resources when scheduling the shift.

Improvements to reason type communication restrictions

  • Default client communication methods (email and SMS) on appointments can be selected by reason types now. It is possible to disable email and/or SMS sending separately for confirmations and reminders based on appointment reason type.

Mark as arrived: return to previous page

  • Users can mark patients as arrived for the consultation and then return to the previous screen. This change will make it faster and easier to navigate back to the screen the user was on.