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Client Communication

Capture Client Feedback

Easily capture feedback from your clients and measure customer satisfaction to enable clinics to address specific issues and improve their customer experience.

Treatment Estimates

Create professional treatment estimates for your customers. All items from an estimate can be added to the consultation with one click to save time and ensure all charges are captured.

One common database for all clinics/departments

Access all your client or patient details and medical history from all of your locations anytime, anywhere.


Organise all client and patient information and communications in one place, so your team has all the relevant information at their fingertips when interacting with your customers.

Automated Reminders

Automatically send your clients email or SMS reminders to book their appointments, to not forget their upcoming appointments, or to give pets their medication at a certain time and date.

Hospitalization Features

Complication reporting

Complication reporting function allows creating special reports about any complications that may occur during different procedures. This enables better patient care and a more detailed statistical approach.

Patient referrals

Easily track incoming referrals, gather the medical history of a referred patient, and facilitate communication with the referring vet to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Easily enable vets and nurses to identify when treatments are due for each patient, and automatically capture the charges for the procedures when checked off on the iPad or computer.


Perform triage in a standardised way, allowing your team to ensure that patients who need the most urgent care are tended to first.



Integrate your bespoke app or favorite third-party apps using our extensive REST API.

Create and send insurance claims directly

 Create and send insurance claims directly to the insurance company within Provet Cloud.

DICOM worklists and PACS

Send your diagnostic imaging requests to any Ultrasound, X-Ray, MRI, or CT device that uses DICOM, and automatically access results directly from the consultation page.

Integration production animal databases

In select countries, connect Provet Cloud with state databases and applications for production animals.


Easily enable your customers to finance their invoices via third-party financing companies.


Save time and reduce manual input errors by automatically sending invoice amounts to your payment terminal.

Two-way integration to external laboratories

Order your external laboratory tests and automatically import and attach the results to the consultation page, eliminating errors and manual steps, and saving time.

Two-way integration to in-clinic laboratory equipment

Send your in-clinic laboratory requests and automatically import results to the consultation page, eliminating errors and manual steps, and saving time.


Accounting Software Integration

Send client invoices automatically to your accounting software to ensure that you can track how your business is doing in real time, and reduce manual entry.

Automated Inpatient Fees

When a patient is hospitalised for a longer period, the automated inpatient fee function allows tracking time automatically and invoicing the client appropriately.


Automatic Invoicing

Automatically generate branded invoices that can be printed for clients at the clinic or emailed to them after.

Debtor Management

Automatically send invoice and statement reminders to debtors to ensure you get paid on time.

Patient Care

Consultation for multiple patients at the same time

Manage multi-patient consultations or herd health visits with one single, streamlined process. Document treatments done for some—or all—animals in a herd with one click.

Health Plans

Health plans help increase compliance with preventative care, and provide you a stable source of recurring revenue, without disrupting your clients’ budgets or your workflow.

Label Printer Integration

Print labels for any dispensed items easily, quickly and directly from Provet Cloud.

Offline mobile app

Our app allows users to access information about their recent and upcoming appointments on their mobile devices offline.

Prescriptions Management and Refills

Easily create, manage and refill prescriptions as part of a consultation, or directly for any client or patient.

Student features

Allow students to practice work on their communication and writing skills by creating unapproved clinical notes, discharge instructions, and referral feedback messages that can be edited and approved by professors.


Connect with clients using a video call to improve customer experience and patient care.

Templates for fast charting

Templates help vets save time by automatically entering customisable notes, treatment items, discharge instructions, and reminders for common treatments.

Reporting & Management

Dedicated Data Warehouse

Combine all your data in a centralised data-warehouse and visualise them with tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.

Digital Forms & E-signature

Easily create, send, and sign customisable digital consent forms and patient documentation to reduce your environmental footprint, and consolidate all records in one secure place.

Inventory Management

Automatically track used and on-hand stock across multiple stock locations, and automatically generate orders when you fall below the minimum level.

Multi-location pricing tool

Update your item lists and prices across all locations with one click, including setting individual prices at certain locations and determining which products each location sees.


Keep track of your financial and operational metrics, and motivate your teams with easy to customise management reports.

Tasks and Notifications

Create personal tasks with reminders, assign tasks to other users, and notify users when tasks or events are completed.

User Permissions Management

Easily configure the access and permissions each user has according to their role.

Wholesaler integrations

Place orders and sync product lists, batch numbers and prices automatically between Provet Cloud and your wholesaler.

Scheduling & Appointments

Appointment Calendar

Create, view, and modify recent and upcoming appointments with clients and their pets.

Online Booking

Give clients the option to book appointments at any time from your website.


Send an online form to clients before their upcoming appointment asking them to confirm or update their personal information, saving time and reducing communication errors.

Quinyx integration

Quinyx is a powerful human resource management system integrated with Provet Cloud.

Shifts and Scheduling

Easily manage shifts and appointments, and sync your personal Provet Cloud calendar with Google Calendar or iCal.

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