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Implementation & training

Implementation - get started

Get started with Provet Cloud

We know changing your veterinary practice management system takes a huge leap of faith. We’ll work in close collaboration with you to make the transition as smooth as possible and offer support every step of the way. 

Our implementation experts have helped over 2000 veterinary practices—from universities and hospitals to independent clinics—get started with Provet Cloud.

Implementation - data migration

Data migration made easy

There’s no need to dread transferring data from your old management system to Provet Cloud. We can take care of each step of the data migration process to get you up and running, from preparing your data for conversion to reviewing your transferred data.

What to expect during the roll-out process

Once you’ve decided Provet Cloud is the right management system for your vet practice, what’s next?


Your sales professional will suggest an appropriate implementation package for you and forward that information to our implementation specialists, who will then contact you to discuss the scheduling and details.


Open up the Provet Cloud system for your practice, including all the key functions. All users will get log-in details for the system and for an online training platform. You can manage the set-up process if you have the internal resources, or we can take the lead. Either way, we’ll be there to support you.


We’ll schedule a preliminary kick-off, followed by a series of online or on-site training sessions for key Provet Cloud users.


Your practice’s users will complete an online training course.


Finish setting up Provet Cloud for your practice, including adding your clients, patients, and appointments to the system. Set up items, forms, templates, reminders, and any customisable settings.


Go live with Provet Cloud!

Provet Cloud implementation success plan


Checklist for a successful implementation process

A successful implementation requires commitment from both sides. Here’s a checklist with tips to make the Provet Cloud implementation process as smooth as possible for you and your team.

Set and manage realistic expectations when agreeing on the implementation project scope, budget, and schedule.

Agree on common goals within your team to ensure everyone understands and agrees on what needs to be done.

Communicate about your budget and schedule clearly and proactively throughout the implementation.

Maintain commitment from management by effectively involving business executives in the process.

Take part in executive-level discourse by giving management regular status reports and updates on what is going on in the implementation project.

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