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New “Draft consultation” lets you plan ahead for upcoming appointments

New “Draft consultation” lets you plan ahead for upcoming appointments

When a patient arrives at the clinic for a consultation, you want to be able to give that patient as much of your attention as possible – without having to spend that precious time setting up the consultation within Provet Cloud.

Introducing Draft consultation!

This small-but-mighty new feature allows you to create and save consultation drafts prior to the patient’s check-in at the clinic. Prepare drafts as you are waiting for their arrival, or even days and weeks in advance.

How do you create a Draft consultation? 

There are a few easy ways to create a Draft consultation for the patient prior to their arrival.

  1. From the Dashboard view, under Scheduled appointments, beside the “Check in patient” button (formerly called “Admit patient”), click the “...” action button where you can choose “Start draft consultation.” 👇
  2. From the Patient Record, under Appointments, beside the “Check in patient” button, click the “...” action button where you can choose “Start/Go to draft consultation.” 👇

  3. From the Calendar, right-click on an appointment and select “Draft consultation.” Or simply click on the appointment to open the Appointment details, then select “Start draft consultation” from the dropdown options under “Check in patient.” 👇

What information can you enter in a Draft consultation?

Once you’ve created a Draft consultation following any of the steps mentioned above, a Consultation details window will open. Next, select the “Start draft consultation” at the bottom of the screen.

This page will tell you that this consultation is in draft stage, and as such, not all features will be available. 👇 image (4)

The tools that are available to you in draft stage include:

  • Patient referrals
  • Consultation details
  • Clinical notes
  • Discharge instructions

You can also select Forms and send necessary documents to the client for e-signature, before the patient has checked-in.

📣  NOTE: In future Provet Cloud updates, the Draft consultation will include additional capabilities, such as Planned imaging, Planned items, and Treatment plans.

How to check in a patient or cancel check-in

Now it’s time to check-in the patient! From the Draft consultation page, simply click the “Check in patient” button at the bottom-right.

Or, if you mistakenly check-in a patient who hasn’t arrived, it’s easy to undo. In the bottom-right, click “Cancel check-in” and the consultation will automatically revert back to draft stage. (The scheduled appointment will also go back to showing as “Upcoming.”) 👇

If you have already started the consultation and need to cancel, you can still do so. From the Consultation view, click the Tools menu and then select "Cancel check-in" to return to draft stage. 👇Cancel check-in_img2

How to filter Draft consultations on the Dashboard

If you use the Draft consultation feature frequently and are planning consultations many days or weeks in advance, it has the possibility of becoming a long list of drafts on your Dashboard. 

To view drafts of only today’s appointments: From the Dashboard, under the Drafts tab, check the box to “Show only drafts for today’s upcoming appointments.” 👇

Further reading on Draft consultation

If you want to dig even deeper into Draft consultation functionality, visit these pages on the Provet Cloud support library:

We hope this new tool adds up to more face-to-face time with your patients!  👏👏


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