telemedicine 28 May, 2020

Provet Cloud - Viivi Health Telemedicine Services

The popular Viivi Health Telemedicine feature for remote consultations was first introduced as a Beta version in March.  As we take our users'...

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telemedicine 25 Mar, 2020

Provet Cloud - Viivi Health Telemedicine Services

The COVID-19 pandemic being experienced around the globe is the forefront concern within many of our personal and professional lives in current...

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Blog 17 Dec, 2019

Good practice management means being able to do things efficiently

What do we mean by practice management? Efficiency, effectiveness, cost control – stressed, overtasked workforce, unbearable prices for the...

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Blog 11 Dec, 2019

Provet Cloud has recently expanded to the United States


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Blog 20 Sep, 2019

Pre-registration - Facilitates arrival registration and improves customer experience

  When an appointment is made a confirmation email is sent out to the customer.

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Blog 29 Aug, 2019

Time is the new money

Time is one of the most valuable thing in an animal clinic. It often feels like there’s not enough time, and so Provet Cloud is designed to save...

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Blog 23 Aug, 2019

Digital triage means real-time knowledge for all

  Triage coordinator make notes directly to the computer. You don’t need to write to paper and then someone write it to computer.

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Blog 28 May, 2019

Provet Cloud invests in support

This spring, organizational change has taken place in Provet Cloud's support, and now we invest in support more than ever. We are here for our...

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Blog 04 Mar, 2019

Petmeddata becomes the world's most comprehensive pets’ health database

Petmeddata, electronic storage of pets’ health and clinical history, was launched in Finland in late 2018. Petmeddata makes it easier to treat...

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