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Enhancing care with smarter mobile veterinary solutions

Enhancing care with smarter mobile veterinary solutions

It’s not just getting back more time that matters. Among many challenges veterinary practices face, one area demands extra attention: reducing missed charges.

If missed charges account for 5-10% of a veterinary clinic’s annual revenue, it’s important to mitigate this phenomenon where possible. Diagnostic charges, blood draws, medical progress and fecal exams are the most common missed charges. 

But unlike their counterparts in more traditional settings, mobile veterinarians encounter unique hurdles with capturing every charge while managing care away from a central office.

The consequences of missed charges are not just monetary; they impact service quality and resource availability. Especially for clients, timing and accuracy are key, and the ability to swiftly and accurately process payments directly at the point of care is paramount.

Convenient care using comprehensive mobile veterinary software

Missed charges mean not only lost revenue but also potential errors in inventory and customer dissatisfaction from billing errors. And no one is happy having to chase customers (nor is the customer happy being chased!).

Luckily, most veterinary software solutions have key mobile integrations that enable staff to tackle this head on. At Provet Cloud, we help mobile veterinarians manage records, one-click invoicing, payments, and supplies while on the move – without being too tech-y or complicated.

Our customizable workflows make it easy to manage all the admin, avoid missed charges, and maintain efficiency from the field. While providing convenient care for your customer, you get convenience right at your fingertips.

Enhanced customer care

Given that you may be visiting someone at home or in the field, it stands to reason that a mobile veterinary team provides a highly personalized service.

The moment you arrive there, you want all your attention on the animal, assessing and treating them, as opposed to staring at a screen and trying to figure out what’s what. And if you want to provide a positive customer experience, multiple tabs and complicated workflows are of no use here.

After all, active listening, attention to non-verbal communication, and more empathy result in happier clients and healthier patients.

Being mindful of time and not getting bogged down by administrative work is important, especially when your visits typically involve seeing multiple pets. That’s where we’ve made it as simple as possible to retrieve and update multiple patient records at your fingertips, take notes, schedule follow-up appointments, and use automated templates.

Smart mobile veterinary software ensures that when you arrive at an appointment, your attention can be wholly on the patient, not on navigating software.

The art of proactive communication

It is no surprise that clients expect proactive communication with regards to their pet’s health. RCVS outlined the following:

“One of the best ways to manage expectations is to make sure you communicate with your clients on a frequent basis. You may want to even over-communicate, so there is no misunderstanding. In the early stages of a consultation the client may not have developed a level of trust in your ability to deliver, so better safe than sorry.”

Being able to provide frequent and thorough communication relies on many aspects including staff training, skill sets, time available and the tools that enable you to do so. We love this short 5-minute video from Webinar Vet reminding us of key pillars of good client communication:

  • Always show interest: Make eye contact, nod your head, paraphrase. This will show your clients you really care and value their words.

  • Create deeper and more personal relationships: Give compliments, use first names and start conversations.

  • Educate the client: Clearly explain the diagnosis, the treatment(s) and the reasons why. This builds trust and rapport.

  • Use the right vocabulary: Use simple words, less jargon and medical terminology. This aids understanding, reassurance, as well as providing a more human touch.

  • Never hide a medical error: Try to have everything written accurately in a medical record and explain to your client what happened.

With customized veterinary software and key integrations such as Weave and Pets App, your mobile team is easily able to communicate with clients before, during, and after appointments through text, video calls, and digital forms. This proactive approach fosters trust and satisfaction, enhancing the reputation of your mobile practice.

Overall, leveraging the right vet practice software transforms how your service operates and is perceived. If you're looking to improve on-the-road efficiencies and enhance your financial health (reduce those pesky missed charges!), we encourage you to look at how you can leverage your existing software and its mobile capabilities.

Get to know Provet Cloud in just 60 minutes for all your mobile needs – to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks, enhancing both efficiency and service quality.


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