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Provet Cloud sponsors Veterinary Woman

Provet Cloud is proud to announce its sponsorship of Veterinary Woman, a UK-based association dedicated to inspiring and supporting women who work in the veterinary sphere. 

With an extensive on-line community and a combined social media reach of 14,000, Veterinary Woman provides resources, active support and CPD opportunities to encourage leadership aspirations and help women in all aspects of the veterinary industry meet their potential.  


Scott Goodsir-Smyth, General Manager of Provet Cloud UK said,

‘The gender diversity of veterinary surgeons in the UK has undergone significant change over the past couple of decades, with women now accounting for more than 60% of qualified vets and the number of female graduates continuing to increase.  Provet Cloud is delighted to lend its support to Veterinary Woman, an organisation dedicated to serving the needs of such a significant section of the veterinary profession’.


Jenny Langridge, acting editor at Veterinary Woman said,

‘Veterinary Woman’s mission is to create a place where equality is encouraged and women can source the information they need to help them reach their potential. We are delighted to welcome Provet Cloud as a sponsor whose aims align to support the Veterinary Woman community. Working with committed partners like Provet Cloud is vital to continue growing and strengthening our network of veterinary professionals, mentors and leaders whose contributions come together to make a real difference in supporting equality in the profession’.


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