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Referral and university hospitals

Easily coordinate care across all departments to provide better patient care

Connect all departments at your veterinary hospital and improve efficiency with Provet Cloud.

Hospital - Automation


Save time and never miss a charge. Automatically add items to an in-patient invoice once they have been completed.

Hospital - Referrals

Referral Workflows

Streamline communication to and from referring veterinarians. Use Provet Clouds shared inbox to receive records directly into the patient's file and easily email feedback with the click of a button.

Hospital - Hospital features

Hospital Features

Add functionality and insight into your hospital. Provet Cloud offers a triage module to improve the efficiency of your emergency room and complication reporting that allows you to create specialized reports about any complication that may occur during procedures.

Hospital - Student features

Student Features

Allow students to learn in real cases. Provet Cloud’s student features allow students to submit clinical notes, discharge instructions, and feedback to referring veterinarians for approval before becoming part of the clinical record.

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Why choose Provet Cloud?

Happier Teams, Healthier Patients, and Satisfied Clients.

“Our queries are always dealt with efficiently. Provet Cloud’s support team has responded more quickly than any other software company we have used despite not being based in the UK.”

Sally Harrison, Practice Manager at Riverside Veterinary Centre, UK

“As a referral clinic, our work starts before the patient arrives. We need to have previous X-rays, histories, and clinic notes. We can attach those really easily to a patient’s file. This history can be sent to the client and the referring vet. This allows us to save time when writing histories and sending emails. That’s why for a clinic that works with referral cases, Provet Cloud has so many advantages.”

Pachi Clemente, Specialist in Medical Oncology, La Merced Oncologia Veterinaria, Spain

“I like that Provet Cloud is improved every month and that client suggestions are taken seriously, so you feel like you are part of the team and the system is, in a way, built to your needs.”

Dr Katerina Clarke, Point-of-Care Mobile Veterinary Clinic, UK

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