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What's New - August 2020

User interface changes and improvements

During the summer months we have focused on improving the look and feel of Provet Cloud to increase ease of use and provide easier access to information for our users.

Compact data tables
Various data tables in Provet Cloud will now be more compact and have an improved polished appearance. The data table rows will also have alternating colours for easier recognition. An example screen is shown below.

Improved floating header on consultation, patient and client pages
We have added a floating header to the consultation, patient and client pages to assist with easily identifying the page the user is accessing, as well as an easy reference to currently viewed client and patient information.

Floating buttons on the invoice page
The action buttons on the invoice screen are now floating which means that the user will have easy access to the important actions on the invoice page at all times. This will make invoice processing easier and more efficient.

Improved sidebar menu
We have redesigned the quick navigation menu found along the right-hand side of the consultation, patient and client page. The menu is now more compact and offers increased functionality and information directly from within the menu. Included in the sidebar menu now is a brief consultation history for the current patient. Appointment status buttons to ‘invoice’ and ‘mark as waiting for discharge’ are now also a part of the menu and float on the screen. The ‘mark as waiting for discharge’ button will revert to ‘change status to consultation’ once the appointment is in the ready for discharge status.

View modes for the consultation page

This existing functionality has been improved to make it more accessible . The view mode functionality allows administrator users to create and define ‘view modes’ for the consultation page from within the department settings of Provet Cloud. A view mode controls which sections of the consultation page are visible for the user. Information sections can be set to be visible, closed or hidden entirely. Hidden sections are not visible on the consultation page whereas closed sections are visible, however condensed. Separate view modes can be defined for inpatients versus outpatients.

Administrator users can alternatively choose to enable ‘own view mode’ settings, which enables users to create their own view mode from the consultation page within the sidebar menu. Each user can customize the consultation page to meet their personal preferences and needs.

The view mode settings are found under Settings -> Department -> Consultation advanced settings.

View mode creation in the department settings:

Template deletion on consultations

It is now possible to easily delete all items that have been added from an item template. The user can open the template window again by clicking the box indication icon that appears next to the items that were added from an item template. The template window now has a ‘delete all’ button which will remove all template items from the consultation.

Efficient label printing for counter sales

Label printing functionality has been expanded for medicine, food and supply items within counter sale transactions. The label printing prompt automatically appears once the item is added to the counter sale invoice. The user can complete instructions, define the quantity, or use a text template similarly as within a consultation. A label will be generated to print once ‘save’ is selected.