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Design enhancements for Provet Cloud

We’re excited to introduce a number of design improvements to the Provet Cloud interface. The goal of these changes is to create a more consistent and higher-quality user experience within the platform.

Beginning with the August update and through the months ahead, you can expect to see the following enhancements to Provet Cloud:

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 12.24.02

1.0 Updated web fonts

  • All new typeface
  • Adjustments to font size and spacing
  • Improved legibility

2.0 New Provet Cloud theme

  • Same color scheme
  • Closer alignment to our Nordhealth brand & visual theme

3.0 Switch to Nord theme

  • Activation of new Nord theme for all Provet Cloud users:
    • “Default” will be linked with “Nord light default”
    • “Accessible” will be linked with “Nord light high contrast” and be renamed to “High contrast”
    • The color scheme will be changed
  • Style tweaks to include:
    • Updated tabs
    • Simplified button design
    • Simplified navigation and header components

N.B. All the images above are just early impression, not final designs.