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What's New - March 2021 1/2

A new version of Provet Cloud will be released on Wednesday 3rd of March 2021. We have developed new features, implemented improvements on existing features and fixed bugs.

New Features

Mouseover menu of left sided navigation bar

We have added a mouseover menu that displays submenus for quicker access to additional functionalities

This change was development with the user experience of Provet Cloud in mind. We will be focusing on improving the user experience throughout Provet Cloud in the future releases as well. The next improvement will be to refresh the Client and Patient account cards. We will announce more details about what to expect in future notes.

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Filter default changes

  • Default filter behaviors have been improved to make them more user friendly, as well as include user roles and usage in mind
  • The current changes will affect default options, not previously saved filter selections. These improvements will be an ongoing process, with additional changes planned for April’s release

Credit Note workflow improvements

  • The “Agreed to pay later” setting is copied to the credit note when using the “Credit and invoice again” option with the Credit Note Wizard.
  • We have added a new user group permission that allows users to create credit notes from invoices with insurance claims. This permission is enabled by default for admins, managers and users. If it’s disabled, a user belonging to the group will not be able to create credit notes from invoices that have insurance claims.
  • It is now possible to refund payments from credit notes with the Connect@Cloud and the Estonian PoSXML payment terminal integrations. The refund is made by performing a negative Card payment on the credit note.

When the payment terminal dialog opens, it will have a “Refunded transaction” selection, where the user is able to select a refundable transaction from the previous original invoice.

If there is only one refundable transaction, it will be selected automatically and the selection will not appear in the dialog; in that case the user can simply proceed normally with the payment without manually making the selection.

Patient history

  • We have added counter sales as a filtering option to the patient history. If users wish to see certain types of items of a countersale, they need to select both the type and countersale as a filter. For example to see medicines from counter sales, both medicines and counter sales must be selected as filter options.

End of day report

  • We have added a new setting that prevents closing the end of day report, if there are open invoices. When this setting is enabled, users cannot change the end of day report status to “ready for accounting“ if there are draft invoices within the selected time frame.

Responsible person changes

  • We have added a new department setting “Enable mandatory responsible person for consultation items“. When this setting is enabled, all consultation items need to have a responsible person defined against.

Minimum charge

  • We have added a new “minimum charge” field in item settings. With this setting, users can define a minimum charge for an item on an individual basis.
  • As an example, a medicine that carries a very small unit price medicine (0.05€ / capsule) is dispensed in a quantity of 5, however you have additional pharmacy dispensing costs needing compensating and would like to maintain a more standard medicine prescription pricing structure as well.
  • For this example, the item unit price in item settings can be defined as 0.05€ with a minimum charge of 20€ to offset the pharmacy dispensing costs as well as maintain a more predictable price structure for dispensed pharmacy medicines.
  • The current minimum pricing field can be used in combination and is different from the new minimum charge field also located in item settings. Once the unit/package pricing exceeds the defined minimum charge amount defined in settings, normal pricing behavior overrides.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this release, please contact us. We are happy to answer all questions.