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What's New – March 2020

New text editor

One of the more highly-anticipated enhancements in this release is the implementation of a new text editor, one that has a number of new editing options to create even more professional and useful templates and documents. The first phase of the release of the new text editor will be for clinical notes and discharge notes. In addition, the new text editor will also better handle the formatting of the texts you copy & paste to the text field, and will also better understand texts imported from other programs, such as email. Previously, the text might have been lost if it had been imported from a program whose character set Cloud’s text field didn’t understand.

Automatic discharge instruction for an item/item template

The much-desired feature has arrived: you can now add a pre-created template for a procedure. When this procedure is added to a consultation, template text will be added automatically to discharge instructions. For example, wound care instruction can be linked to a surgical procedure, after which the instruction is copied directly into the discharge instructions. This will speed up your work and you will no longer forget to add instructions.

To create text templates:

Settings > Items & Lists > Templates > Text templates.

  • Be sure to choose the correct text template type!

To add a text template for an item:

Settings > Items & Lists > Items

  1. Find the procedure you want.
  2. Open the procedure for editing by clicking the pen icon.
  3. Add the desired text template and save the procedure.

Insurance number will now appear on the invoice

The patient’s insurance number will now be shown in its own column on the invoice page so that it’s easier to find it when needed.

New information for text templates and forms

In addition to many other details, you can now import the animal’s official name and veterinarian’s phone number from Cloud into text templates and forms.

When you create a text template, type two brackets [[ to see the list of fields available for that type of text template. Cloud will automatically import relevant information into these fields and you will save time.

Other developments & fixes

Customer Information and Customer Communication

Fixed: If there’s more than one department in your organization, not all appointments may have been reflected in the client’s appointments. Now all appointments are visible, regardless of department.

Fixed: If there’s more than one department in your organization, the green “mark as arrived” button was not always visible in the view of upcoming appointments. Now the button is always displayed, regardless of the department selection.

Consultation and Anonymous sales

Developed: Added a new Save & Print button to the prescription print modal. It automatically selects and prints all written recipes at once unless the selection is changed.

Developed: The Default medicine quantity on consultation specified in the settings now affects the prescription function and does not need to be set separately if it does not deviate from the default quantity. You can determine the default quantity of medicine here: Settings > Department > Default medicine quantity on consultation

Developed: Added medicine instruction templates to the prescription view. These can be accessed via a new Instruction templates button next to the old Text templates button. If the medicine only has one instruction template for the current species, it is filled automatically.

Fixed: Previously, not all templates loaded; if certain styles were used in a template, it might not work if you tried to use them during the consultation. This bug has now been fixed and all templates will load normally.

Stock and price list

Developed: It is now possible to attach a text template to the procedure in the price list, in the details of the procedure. It automatically appears in the text field when the product is added.


Developed: It is now possible to set custom headers (like “Authorization: Token x”) for the custom integration buttons. You can see the custom integrations in Settings > Integrations > Custom integrations.

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