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What's New – February 2020

Health plans now available in multiple departments that share their item list.

More and more clinics are using our Health Plans feature to provide preventative care packages to pet owners for a one-time or monthly subscription fee. So far, the Health Plans have been department-specific, but now, to facilitate the work at clinics with multiple departments, it is possible to set up multi-department plans. The individual clinics within the same chain have often used the same Health Plans, and it may have been very tedious to manually copy the same plans to multiple departments, so we are sure this change will be of great help.

However, please note that due to the differing item lists, items added to a health plan with an item list A would malfunction on a department that tries to use the given health plan using an item list B. Due to this issue, multi-department health plans are only possible across departments that use the same item list.

Linked appointments improvements

Regarding linked appointments, we made two changes this month. First of all, it is now possible to link an appointment to an existing one with a “Link to an appointment” button, which is visible in the appointment overview modal dialog. When the button is clicked, another modal dialog will open, showing linkable appointments in a table. An appointment is linkable if it’s not linked to any other appointment and it does not have a consultation linked to it, or the consultation is in an active state. At least one of the patients have to be the same in both of the appointments.

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But as we all know, it’s always possible that users make mistakes. Until now, it has not been allowed to unlink the appointments; one could only delete child appointments from the main appointment. To make things easier, an “Unlink appointment” button will now be shown next to the “Add appointments” button in the Appointment details window if the appointment is a linked child appointment. Clicking the button will unlink the appointment from the parent appointment.

Shortcuts for lab and medicine history

Customers have wanted to have an easy way to view past history across all consultations for medications and laboratories. We now made an easy way to access that info, similar to what is already available for the past clinical notes as a history button.

Clicking the buttons “Laboratory history” and “Medicine history” in a consultation opens a history page for the patient showing that information.

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Improvements on cost estimate feature – message customisation

Sometimes it is helpful if you can edit the email’s default text. For that reason, there is now a new setting for cost estimate emails enabling the user to change the text that is added to messages when adding an attachment.

Even if you do not set any custom text, the email won’t contain the text “Message: None”, but will instead display an automatic message (“As an attachment, you can find cost estimate”).

Settings: Settings > General > Print settings > Estimate > Custom text in estimate email

Other developments & fixes:

Customer Information and Customer Communication

Fixed: Additional client address rows are now shown when creating client on estimate page.

Fixed: Removing a euthanasia item won’t un-archive the animal anymore. If a euthanasia procedure is cancelled, the patient is unarchived if a) the patient was archived on the same day, or b) there are no other euthanasia procedures left on the consultation.

Fixed: Notes linked to a consultation are now visible also in the chronological view of patient history. Previously, they were only visible when the view was organized by consultation.

  • Settings: Department settings > Enable chronological view in the patient history

Fixed: A written prescription created from a patient page is now visible in patient history.

Fixed: Department’s US address was not shown correctly on client emails. Now the country and state are shown in the email footer if department setting is set to the United States.

  • Settings: Department settings > Country > United States Of America

Appointment and Calendar

Developed: A new setting making it possible to see bookings for certain resources on other departments in appointment calendar – however, these bookings cannot be edited on other departments.

  • Settings > General > Department > Resources > Open edit view of a resource > Add the needed departments in “Shared departments” field

Fixed: There was an issue that shifts that occurred partially outside the calendar view did not appear at all in the calendar. Now after the fix, the shift appears on the calendar, even if part of it occurs outside of the selected calendar view.

Consultation and Anonymous sales

Fixed: In the past, the graph of laboratory results had errors due to time zones. After the repair, the graphics can take into account the local time settings.

Fixed: Fixed an issue where the status section didn’t have a link in the consultation page’s sidebar.

Fixed: After this fix, the preliminary note text template can be added to a consultation even when a user clicks somewhere else than in the text area or the “Create own text template” button.

Fixed: After this fix, placeholders will show up also when creating a text template in a consultation, not only when creating new templates from the settings.

  • Settings: Enable department settings “Allow user-specific text templates” and “Item templates editable by users”.

Invoice and payments

Developed: The client’s insurance company is now displayed on the invoice page.

  • Settings > Department > Insurance > “Enable insurance claims”

Fixed: Added a print setting for invoice and debt letter to include the country of the recipient. Also, payer country information is shown based on department country setting.

  • Settings: Department settings > Country > US or UK or other
  • Print settings > Invoice and debt letter > Recipient header information > Country


Developed: Added more filters to insurance claim search: Creating, Sending, Rejected, Paid.

  • Settings -> Department -> “Enable insurance claims”

Developed: Added column visibility to recent consultations and appointments data tables on the dashboard. Added a new column to the recent consultations data table showing the appointment’s start time.

Fixed: Even though the columns displayed are changed, the column width of the lab and treatment plan views will remain the same. In the past, column widths may have changed again and again as the columns displayed were changed.


Developed: Add setting to hide medicine unit price from an invoice print.

  • Settings: Settings > General > Print settings > Invoice > Hide price column for medicines (Setting visible if “Show price column” is enabled.)

Developed: Added a new department setting that disables editing items’ print names on draft invoices.

  • Settings: Department settings –> “Disable print name editing on invoices”

Developed: Added new user permission which can be used to control who can add or edit wholesaler information in Stock -> Wholesalers. The permission controls whether the user is able to create/edit/delete wholesalers. The permission is enabled by default for Admin & Manager user groups.

  • Settings: Users > Permission groups > open the group for editing clicking the button at the end of the row

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