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What’s new – January/February 2023 (Provet Cloud release 1.101/1.102)

Take a look at what's new in our 1.101 and 1.102 releases.

Product Enhancements and Improvements


You can now add a diagnosis to a consultation after it has been closed. This allows you to edit the record and link diagnostic work such as blood tests and imaging to the consultation, along with your final diagnosis.

Previously, a new consultation unlinked to the original would have had to be created. This improvement saves time, removes duplication of effort, and most importantly keeps all information relevant to a consultation within one record.

View a short video here.

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Signature Placeholder

You can now add your signature as a placeholder when using document templates. This allows you to add a signature to a document and send it to a pet owner without having to print, manually sign, and then scan the document – good news from both a time and environmental perspective.

Watch a short video here to see how to do this.

Release January 23 1.101_1.102_Add signature-thumb-2 img-pop

External Laboratory Workflow

We’ve streamlined the external laboratory workflow, improving the connection between the practice and the laboratory. Now, when you create a referral in Provet Cloud, a new window will immediately generate from the laboratory, containing a referral form for you to print out and a prompt to complete the referral. This will make laboratory referrals quicker and smoother by removing any delays or disruption in the referral process.

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We have added a new shortcut to the dashboard to reduce the number of clicks required to access draft invoices for active consultations. Previously, this shortcut was only available for invoices with the status ‘waiting for discharge’. Now, the draft invoice button is also visible at consultation stage, removing the need to click back through the consultation record to open the invoice.


Product Developments

Nordhealth Pay

We’ve added Klarna to the payment options for Nordhealth Pay users.

This new development allows customers to easily and securely spread the cost of treatment across multiple payments, easing cash-flow and making veterinary care more affordable. For veterinary practices, the addition of Klarna to Nordhealth Pay de-risks payment collection from customers, protecting revenue and removing the time and effort needed to chase outstanding payments.

For those of you who are not currently using Nordhealth Pay, it is a secure, compliant, comprehensive payment solution fully integrated with Provet Cloud. Nordhealth Pay speeds up the payment process, protects your revenue, and improves customer service. Unlike other payment solutions, Nordhealth Pay instantly reconciles customer payments with customer records, removing the need for time-consuming manual reconciliations. Nordhealth Pay offers a host of benefits for you and your customers – find out more below.*

NH Pay+Klarna intergration-email banner

*please note that Klarna is not currently available for our US customers.

Important Reminder - SMS bundles

Following your feedback, we are making it simpler and more cost-effective for you to text your customers in 2023. We are replacing our SMS bundles with unlimited text messages, which will be invoiced the following month – no need to pre-order and you'll never run out. This change came into effect as of 1st January – if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Additional Fixes

Several other fixes have been made. A full list of all improvements, enhancements and fixes can be found in the release notes within Provet Cloud.