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What’s new – January 2024 (Provet Cloud release 1.111)

Here's what's new in our 1.111 release

CLICK HERE for a complete list of developments, improvements, and database schema changes included in this update.

Improved filter logic and a new permission

Previously, multi-department users could see each other's tasks, even if they didn't have access to a department that another user has access to. Now we've given given Admin users the ability to change user permissions and restrict who can view which tasks. 

Value this provides:

  • Users are exposed to fewer tasks in the All Tasks page
  • Information that shouldn’t be shared can be limited to the user who should have access to it
Improved Filter Logic_1
Improved Filter Logic_2

Better detection of client duplicates

We've improved how Provet Cloud detects potential client duplicates when adding new clients into the system.

Value this provides:

  • Reduces risk of duplicate records
  • Maintains efficient workflows
  • Patient safety
Better detection client dupes_1
Better detection client dupes_2

Filter search results by department groups

For clinics with many patients across multiple locations, a new search filter lets you sort results based on department groups – to minimize the possibility of seeing different clients with the same name.

Value this provides:

  • Easier to find the right client
  • Efficiency
Filter search by dept_1
Filter search by dept_2
Filter search by dept_3

Limiting payment types for health plans

Previously, if a clinic wanted to offer one or more (but not all) payment types for health plans, all payment types were still shown as an option. Now you can remove unwanted payment options from the menu. To make this change, navigate to Settings > Organization > Health plans.

Value this provides:

  • Reduced risk of users not following the clinic's payment preferences
Health plans_1
Health plans_2

User permission restriction on mass discount

Previously, there were no user permissions to restrict who can apply a mass discount to an invoice. We've updated user permissions so that you can determine which users can apply discounts as well as who can change prices on invoices.

Value this provides:

  • Prevents misuse of discounts
  • Adds user management control
Mass discounts_1
Mass discounts_2
Mass discounts_3

Additional fixes and updates

  • For transparency, when a client is given an estimate and an item has changed price, the PDF now shows the amount and percentage of that price change.
  • Sweden only: Compliant with Sweden law, a farmer can have delegation to begin treatment for certain diseases, and the veterinarian can dispense medication for that use.