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What's New - June 2020

Electronic signature

One of the most significant changes in this release is an entirely new feature for electronic signatures. The Electronic signature feature is now available for signing cost estimates and document forms electronically. You will be able to generate an electronic signature request and send it to the client via email or SMS message. The client can review the documents and sign them electronically. It is also possible to use a tablet as a signing pad at the clinic.


Once the customer receives the electronic signature request by email or SMS, the customer can start the signing process by opening the link within the message. The customer will be able to view the documents prior to signing. After reviewing the documents, the customer signs the documents electronically by drawing their signature on a touch screen or with a mouse. The customer also has an option to decline the documents. After the signature has been successfully sent, the customer can close the page. The signature, or declination of the documents is logged and saved to Provet Cloud.


Once Provet Cloud receives the customer's signature, the form or estimate is appropriately marked with a green message box which also displays the date and time of signing. The signed document will be available for viewing and printing in Provet Cloud. The customer will immediately receive a copy of the signed document to their email after signing as well.


Signing documents has never been this easy! Contact Provet Cloud Sales to activate the Electronic signature feature and reduce the time spent on printing and scanning!

Stock improvements

This release will improve the stock functions in Provet Cloud by fixing a few bugs and introducing a new function which allows the stock to be split into multiple storage locations. With the Multiple stock locations feature it will be possible to keep track of stock more accurately. To activate this new function, enable the setting "Stock locations in use" from Settings → Department → Stock. Once this setting is enabled, the stock locations can be defined in Settings → Items&Lists → Stock → Stock locations.


When using multiple stock locations, a stock location must be defined when doing stock entries. It is also possible to move stock between the stock locations. When items are used on consultations and counter sales it is possible to choose the stock location from which the item is pulled from.


Stock reports can also be generated for selected stock locations(s).

New client report

In this update we have also added a new report in order to follow the number of newly registered clients. The new client report can be accessed under Reports → Practice performance → New clients. With this report you can easily follow up on the number of new clients. The report includes the address, email and phone number of the clients. The report can be exported to PDF or Excel.

Custom free text diagnosis

Diagnoses have previously been managed in Provet Cloud as a predefined list of items. We have now added the possibility to use free text custom diagnoses. This feature can be enabled from Settings → Department settings → Free text diagnosis. The setting requires an existing diagnosis to be selected. This diagnosis item will be used to record all the custom diagnoses made in the system. If there is no suitable diagnosis for this purpose on the list currently, one can be added from Settings → Items&Lists → Lists. After the item has been selected and saved, a new button will appear on the consultation page which allows users to add custom diagnoses.


The Custom diagnosis allows veterinarians to type in the the name of the desired diagnosis. The predefined diagnosis list still works the same as before even when the Custom diagnosis feature is in use. This feature provides flexibility for determining diagnoses in situations when a suitable diagnose doesn't exist in the predefined list.


Email log improvements

The sent email log now displays information about bounced emails. A bounced email is generally due to an incorrect email address. When such error occurs, the email log will display an eye icon on the right-side of the logged email. The eye icon will open a new dialogue which shows information about the error. The eye icon will only show up when an email has bounced. If there is no eye icon displayed, it means that the email has not bounced. The email log does not give information about whether the client has seen the email or not.

See the improved email log under Settings → Log → Client communication → Email log.


Printing patient reminders

It is now possible to print a list of selected reminders for a patient. The printout will display the names of the selected reminders, e.g. "Annual vaccination" and the due dates of the reminders. The reminders can be printed from the Reminders section on any patient page. Select the reminder you want to print by clicking on the rows and choose Export/Print → List of selected rows to print a PDF with the selected reminders.


Provet Cloud Support Help Centre

The new Help Center was previously introduced in the User Day webinar earlier this Spring. We are currently in the process of moving and updating all support articles from the old support site to the new Help Center. The first phase of this is aimed to be completed by the end of June. The old site will remain active and available for access until all articles have been transferred. The new Help Center will feature an extensive collection of articles as well as access to your entire support ticket history. Again, once the updating process is complete, we will send a separate newsletter notifying you of the updates.

Other developments & fixes

Developed: Allow finding medicines by active substance with the Super Search. If a medicine item has the active substance information defined in the item settings, Super Search can find the item also by the active substance information.