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What's New – May 2020

More flexibility for customising the appointment calendar

In this release we have focused on improving the appointment calendar page. Several new department settings have been added for customising the appointment calendar. The new settings allow admin users to select what information is displayed in the appointment calendar. One of the new settings changes how scrolling works on the appointment calendar by adding a separate scroll bar to the filter menu. This way the page itself is no longer scrollable but when the calendar or the filter section is too long to fit to a single screen, the sections will get their own individual scrollbars. The top part of the calendar page, including the navigation buttons, time period filters and the day note area, will remain visible when the calendar is scrolled down. This important information is now visible at all times when looking at the appointment calendar.

This setting can be enabled in Settings → Department → Scheduling & Calendar → Scrollbars on calendar and filters.

Previously, the information visible for the booked appointments has not been editable. Based on your feedback we have developed the possibility to customise this information! You can now separately define the information that is shown in the booked appointment slot and the information shown when hovering over the appointment with the mouse. There are two new settings for choosing what information is displayed on the appointment calendar:

Settings → Department → Booking → Information shown on appointment calendar tooltips, and Information shown on appointment calendar slots.

New Label Print Layout

Our black box label printing solution has gone through drastic changes in the latest updates. We can now proudly present the new improved look of our medicine labels! The new label template can be edited in the Settings → Integrations → Label printing section. Instead of having one box for the label text, the label template now has three separate editable sections: header, body and footer which are separated on the label by a horizontal line. The template has been further improved by allowing more flexible text formatting. The text or parts of it can now be formatted with italics or bold formatting. Different font sizes, underlining and use of tables is now also possible for the labels. The new label template editor also displays a preview on the right-side, which clarifies the editing significantly.

Black Box Requirements:

The new label layout solution can only be applied to label printers that are using the black box connection. The black box needs to be re-configured by Provet Cloud Support first. The new print options are only supported on black boxes version 1.1 or higher. You can check your black box version from the sticker in the bottom of your device. In order to use this new improved label layout, please contact Provet Cloud Support in order to change your black box configuration to the new version. You will need to reserve some time for recereating the label templates as the old ones will not work with the new printing solution.

Invoice Total Sum & Invoice Row Rounding

The logic which Provet Cloud uses to calculate prices and invoices has been revised in this update. This has been done to improve reliability and predictability of price calculation and to improve the underlying code base. Provet Cloud now stores and uses four decimal places. The reason for storing four decimal places is that currency values need two decimal places, a third decimal place is required to round to two decimal places and the fourth decimal ensures that the third decimal place is unaffected by rounding. Provet Cloud now also uses the round half to even rule that differs from the conventional rounding logic taught in school.


  • If the value 2.235 is rounded using this strategy to two decimal places, it results in 2.24.
  • If the value 2.245 is rounded using this strategy to two decimal places, it results in 2.24.

The reason for this logic is to minimize rounding errors in the long run. If ties in rounding would always be resolved by rounding up instead, the sum of rounded numbers would trend up. Prices for invoices and invoice rows are recalculated every time they are changed. Invoices are also recalculated whenever their invoice rows are changed in a manner that changes their sum values.

The invoice row total prices shown on invoice pages follow some general rules:

  • The invoice row display price includes all possible extra fees like dispense fees or injection fees.
  • If you modify the invoice row total price on the invoice page, the total price is calculated so that the total is shown quantity × invoice row total price, even if there are dispense or injection fees in the price.
  • If you don’t change the invoice row total price but otherwise modify an invoice row, the invoice row total price is recalculated based on the existing price, fees and possible rounding, meaning that it can still change despite the price values not changing in the background.

Due to the rounding changes made in this update you may experience slight changes on your invoice totals after the release. Cost estimates in Provet Cloud are currently excluded from these changes and might behave differently from the invoice rounding.

Viivi Health Telemedicine Version 2.0

The popular Viivi Health Telemedicine feature for remote consultations was introduced already in our March update but we are constantly developing and improving it. In this update we are releasing a more stable version of Viivi that will no longer require the client to install the Viivi mobile app. The video quality has been significantly improved in this new version and the visual appearance has also been enhanced. The mobile app will be replaced by a web app, which means that the app simply opens in the user’s web browser in the future. After the release, clients can access the remote video consultation through the web browser link that they receive to their email. The Viivi Health mobile application will no longer be in use in Provet Cloud after the update. Instead, both the veterinarian and the client will access the video consultation via a web browser. This is of course still possible on mobile devices as well.

The Viivi Telemedicine feature can be enabled in Provet Cloud Settings → Department settings → Viivi telemedicine enabled.