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What’s new – October 2022 (Provet Cloud release 1.98)

A new version of Provet Cloud was released on October 12, 2022. This page contains a summary of the release, including new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Features and Improvements

Security improvements

Now when you upload attached files, Provet Cloud scans for viruses. If a virus or other malicious code is found, the upload will not be accepted.

We’ve also implemented a new method for updating database structures, which will not cause delays to the user interface while updating.

Main dashboard

We added default values for custom fields and columns for nurses and surgeons on the main dashboard.

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Appointment confirmation option

A new option in settings allows you to “Confirm appointment” to confirm and verify that the client is really coming to the appointment. In this initial feature release, only the clinic can confirm the appointment. A later release will will allow clients themselves to confirm that are coming to the appointment.

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Insurance claims dashboard

Additions to “Extended search” include:

  • Compensation sum
  • Claim subtype (UK only)

Invoice print setting for item usage type

For item types medicine, supply, and food, the printout can now contain information on how it was given (Administered, Dispensed or Prescribed). This will affect both normal and consolidated invoices where individual item rows are printed.

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Other bug fixes and improvements to Financial

  • Rounding and price calculations in estimates and invoices
  • Now you can revoke a consolidated invoice after removal of payments
  • Added “Cancel” button to invoice item row edit
  • Denmark-specific FI-number displays in bank payment processing

Define purchase price of external lab tests

You can now manually define the purchase of external laboratory tests. This is useful when the cost of an external test hasn’t accounted for discounts that the clinic might have received from the laboratory.

First, under Integration settings, “Allow editing external laboratory items” must be enabled.

Users can then look up a test in their item settings, and under the item card’s Stock and Price tab choose “Enable manual purchase price update.” After defining purchase price, it won’t be overwritten when lab items are synchronized from the external laboratory.

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Ongoing design enhancements

With new fonts introduced and fixes made based on your feedback, our next steps include color changes and an updated theme.