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What’s new – September 2023 (Provet Cloud release 1.109)

Take a look at what's new in our 1.109 release, September 2023.

Changing the term "gender" to "sex"

We are changing the term "gender" to "sex," as gender is not applicable to animals. This will be changed on a language-by-language basis, where applicable, via translations (the term Gender will remain in the code/database/API).

Value this provides:

  • Correcting the terminology for patient description

Changing "dispense fee" to "handling fee"

We are changing the term "dispense fee" to "handling fee" in Provet Cloud, as this fee can also be applied to administered items and not just dispensed items, which had caused some confusion under the previous nomenclature.

Value this provides:

  • Reduces confusion for customers when using a fee that is also applied to items being administered in the clinic and not just those dispensed to the client
  • Updated nomenclature of item fees is more consistent with our item administration types: dispensed and administered = handling fees; injection = injection fees

Added new Settings section for handling and injection fees

We have separated the settings for handling (previously dispensing) fees and injection fees into their own section: Settings > Department > Handling & Injection Fees (with subsections for Handling and Injection fees, respectively).

Previously these were combined with other unrelated settings under Settings > Department > Department settings.

We also added explanatory text about how these fees work, and have linked to publicly available support pages.

Value this provides:

  • Easily access all settings related to item handling and injection fees under a separate section
  • Reduces confusion and subsequent errors in how these are set up
PVC - New Settings Page September 2023

Improved appointment flow for appointments created via the patient referral dashboard

For scheduling an appointment directly from within a patient referral (accessible via the patient referrals dashboard), we removed an unnecessary and confusing step (and associated elements) from the UI.

Previously, a "Create linked appointment" dialogue would show up when trying to schedule the appointment on the calendar. This has now been removed.

Value this provides:

  • Simplifies the process of booking an appointment for a patient referral
  • Eliminates confusion and reduces clicks
Improved Appointment Flow - September 2023