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Top 10 Veterinary Software Solutions: Your Guide

Top 10 Veterinary Software Solutions: Your Guide

Behind everything that happens in a veterinary clinic – every exam, every vaccination, every surgery, every prescription, every payment and discharge – is the practice management software that keeps track of it all.

Veterinary software is the central nervous system of the practice, and it’s critical to the staff that it runs smoothly and efficiently. As technology has evolved over the past several years – and as roles within the clinic have grown increasingly demanding – so have expectations that this software be capable of automating routine tasks or reducing manual data entry to allow veterinary staff to devote more time to helping their patients.

There are dozens of veterinary software solutions on the market, and while most of them perform the same essential functions – from appointment scheduling to patient record management – they distinguish themselves by their ease of use, design, and ability to integrate with other applications, just to name a few.

In this article, we provide snapshots of 10 of the most widely used veterinary software solutions in the U.S., summarizing their product offerings and sharing what some of their customers have said they love and don’t love about the software (based on reviews found on Capterra). 

We hope you’ll treat each snapshot as an opportunity to explore further – and as you continue your search for veterinary software, remember to download a free copy of our Complete Buyer’s Guide to Veterinary Software for great tips on making a fully informed decision!

The 10 veterinary software solutions we discuss include:

Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud is a cloud-based veterinary practice management solution for veterinary clinics of all sizes and specialties. With local support, two-way integrations with your existing software, advanced client communications, digital whiteboard, business intelligence reporting, and more, your team can focus on what matters most: practicing medicine. Dedicated implementation partners with veterinary clinic experience work with customers to tailor the software to their unique needs and workflows.

What customers say they love:

  • Simple, reliable, and easy to use – one of the best in the market
  • Responsive, respectful, knowledgeable customer support
  • Frequently adding features and improvements based on customer feedback

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Data migration can be tricky depending on your previous software
  • Some users report a steep learning curve
  • Extensive customization options may be overwhelming at first

Read Capterra reviews of Provet Cloud.

Provet Cloud pricing:
User-based pricing tiers available


In its own words, ezyVet is “the next generation of cloud-based practice management software,” and touts itself as an all-in-one solution for every type of veterinary practice, from primary and emergency care to specialty and university. The software is “jam-packed” with tools to help optimize clinic workflows, collect and process data, and improve overall business. And as a division of IDEXX, ezyVet enjoys both the support of a large organization and directly integrates with diagnostics solution IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.

What customers say they love:

  • Continuous updates and improvements help to ensure efficiency
  • Customizability, easy navigation, and ability to integrate with many third-party applications
  • Cloud-based means no more maintaining servers

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Customer support can be mediocre
  • Steep learning curve to become proficient on the system
  • Can be restrictive about integrating with some third-party applications

Read Capterra reviews of ezyVet.

ezyVet pricing:
Starts at $199 USD/month (per user)

Covetrus Pulse

Formerly known as eVetPractice, Covetrus Pulse is designed to merge all of a veterinary practice’s software applications into one platform – inspiring Covetrus to coin the term “veterinary operating system” (vOS). As the “heartbeat of your practice,” Pulse simplifies daily operations to allow more time with patients, boasting native tools for client communication, online pharmacy, in-clinic supplies, care plans, and more.

What customers say they love:

  • The software is straightforward and user-friendly
  • Creating and editing client records is easy
  • Technical support staff are friendly and competent

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Can be “click heavy,” requiring multiple steps to complete tasks
  • Insufficient onboarding, with minimal on-site training
  • Reports feel “congested” and can cause performance lags

Read Capterra reviews of Covetrus Pulse.

Covetrus Pulse pricing:
Price not listed


Shepherd Veterinary Software places a premium on joy, claiming that the cloud-based solution was “founded on the basis that vets deserve joy.” That sense of joy carries through to Shepherd’s pleasantly designed and uncluttered interface, its SOAP-based patient record layout, and its extensive automation capabilities. Shepherd also takes pride in its clinically trained support team, many of whom come with veterinary field experience.

What customers say they love:

  • Easy to use and easy to learn with minimal training
  • New features work seamlessly without disrupting the clean user interface
  • Preloaded diagnosis and client information templates

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Limited search capabilities
  • No offline mode; must have internet connection to use
  • Does not yet integrate with third-party online pharmacy

Read Capterra reviews of Shepherd.

Shepherd pricing:
$299 USD/month (per doctor, not team size)


A veterinary software stalwart, Avimark (part of the Covetrus family of PIMS solutions) is a server-based/on-premise, Windows-based system with robust capabilities for practices of all sizes. Users report general ease-of-use (even if the user interface looks a bit last-century) with features such as electronic patient records, automated reminders, inventory monitoring, financial reporting, and more.

What customers say they love:

  • Robust functionality and easy to learn and navigate
  • Integrates well with online pharmacy, payment processing, and CareCredit
  • Strong user forums on Facebook for quick troubleshooting

What customers say they don’t love:

  • System can be slow and laggy
  • Additional fee for customer support
  • Poor integration with applications that aren’t Covetrus-owned

Read Capterra reviews of Avimark.

Avimark pricing:
Not listed

Hippo Manager

“THRIVE” is the mantra at Hippo Manager. With cloud-based software suitable for any size or type of practice, Hippo Manager prides itself on easy-to-use and simple-to-learn tools, straightforward pricing, and a robust set of integrations. Key features include an online patient portal, automated reminders, exam room checkout, whiteboard, treatment sheets, and more.

What customers say they love:

  • Visually appealing, with icon-led navigation
  • Friendly and professional customer support
  • Low price

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Can be difficult to toggle between pages
  • Too many steps to complete some simple tasks
  • Software updates are too frequent and can cause confusion

Read Capterra reviews of Hippo Manager.

Hippo Manager pricing:
$199 USD/month


Another server-based/on-premise solution from Covetrus, Impromed is the choice over of over 4,000 veterinary clinics. On top of its suite of client communication tools, paperless workflows, and enhanced reporting features, Impromed boasts seamless integrations with Covetrus’ inventory management and prescription management platforms.

What customers say they love:

  • Simplified design makes it easy to use
  • Customizable to meet practice’s specific needs
  • Offers robust reporting and administrative tools

What customers say they don’t love:

  • No cloud-based options
  • Updates are infrequent; complaints of “freezing and crashing”
  • Does not integrate well with third-party applications

Read Capterra reviews of Impromed.

Impromed pricing:
Not listed


Thoughtfully designed cloud-based veterinary software, NaVetor enables smooth and efficient navigation of its user interface to manage your practice and deliver care. Along with standard tools for maintaining medical records and client communications, NaVetor offers a mobile app for practice staff to use on-the-go, an extensive list of third-party integrations, and round-the-clock customer support.

What customers say they love:

  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Great implementation experience and friendly customer support
  • Remote accessibility

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Navigating between patient records can be “click-heavy”
  • Too many steps at the client checkout stage
  • Some reports of lost data/medical records

Read Capterra reviews of NaVetor.

NaVetor pricing:
Starting at $140 USD/month (for 1-2 users)


Arguably the most widely used practice management software in the veterinary industry, IDEXX-owned Cornerstone is packed with tools and features to run any size and type of operation. Though a bit dated in its design, the easy-to-navigate, server-based system is designed to streamline daily tasks and enhance patient care. Direct integration with IDEXX diagnostic/imaging equipment is another plus. 

What customers say they love:

  • Seamless integration with IDEXX labs and diagnostic equipment
  • Boarding/scheduling features
  • Easy for new practice staff to learn

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Too few major updates to functionality or design
  • Limited search capabilities
  • No online booking option; no SMS reminders

Read Capterra reviews of Cornerstone.

Cornerstone pricing:
Not listed


The self-proclaimed “fastest-growing” and “#1 choice” of veterinary practice management solutions, Digitail is not short on confidence. Fortunately, the cloud-based software’s clean and modern design and functionality makes for smoother workflows and more effective client communication. A native, integrated pet parent app allows clients to book and manage appointments, and Digitail’s Flowboard provides an easy overview of the day’s caseload.

What customers say they love:

  • Pre-loaded treatment plans and templates
  • Timely and helpful customer support
  • Pet parent app gives clients access to records

What customers say they don’t love:

  • Reporting features are too light
  • Among the newer PIMS, it needs some refinements
  • Lack two-way email communication with clients 

Read Capterra reviews of Digitail.

Digitail pricing:
$300 USD/month

As the veterinary industry continues to embrace new technology, the choice of the right software becomes pivotal for the success of any practice.

Each of the above-mentioned software solutions brings a unique set of features and differentiators to the table, catering to diverse needs. It's crucial that you and your team carefully evaluate your specific requirements, consider user feedback and reviews, and choose software that aligns with your practice goals for patient care and operational efficiency.


Provet Cloud