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Cloud control: How one practice transformed client communication with Provet Cloud

"Provet Cloud streamlines things dramatically."

Jonathan Augusto, DVM, owner of Milford (MA) Animal Hospital, had no doubt about switching from a server-based to a cloud-based practice management system. But, as he discovered, not all cloud-based systems are equally effective. After a few attempts, he landed on Provet Cloud for its intuitive interface, integration with his preferred client communication solution, and suite of time-saving tools.


When Jonathan Augusto, DVM, took over ownership of Milford Animal Hospital (MAH) in Milford, MA, in 2016, he inherited a beautifully designed clinic, a small, dedicated team, and a client community that his predecessor had cared for since 1978.

Although the space – full of natural light flooding in through skylights – functioned and flowed exactly as a modern hospital should, some systems were in critical need of updating.

“There was no electronic record keeping of any sort,” says Augusto. “Medical records, invoicing – everything was done on paper. They even still had manual typewriters for typing out pill bottle labels.”

Augusto already knew the kind of system he wanted to implement. Prior to MAH, he ran a corporate-owned practice for a decade, using server-based software to manage operations. But it was challenging to maintain and, he says, “there was no way to communicate directly with clients.” That wasn’t the kind of system MAH needed.

"I didn't want to maintain a server. I wanted to have automatic backups. I wanted access from anywhere on any device. I wanted a cloud-based system."

Augusto says it was a “no-brainer” to move his practice to the cloud. But the journey to finding the right cloud-based veterinary software for his needs took a few unexpected turns.

The first solution he chose wasn’t built to handle multiple users at the same time. If he was updating medical records on one device while a technician was creating an invoice, one would overwrite the other’s information. “I ended up losing a lot of data and would have to enter it all over again,” he says. “I grew increasingly frustrated with that.”

Then, switching to what was at first a “more powerful and flexible” system, soon revealed shortcomings. Augusto wanted to perform different tasks in separate browser tabs, but the software wouldn’t allow it. “So I had to open up different browsers and bounce back and forth between two screens just to work on one client’s file.”

On top of that, the system began experiencing stability issues. “A lot of the time it would be just dog slow. Pages took forever to refresh, and we would be stuck at a standstill,” he says.

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"When I first encountered Provet Cloud, I thought, oh, this is so much more beautiful than the other systems."

When Covid hit, like so many practices, MAH was overwhelmed with demand for their services. “If normally we fielded 5-6 phone calls an hour, suddenly we were getting 5-6 calls a minute,” Augusto says.

To help his team streamline client calls, he signed up for Weave, an all-in-one customer communication platform. And that’s how he found out about Provet Cloud.

“The fact that Provet Cloud offers a direct integration with Weave was really attractive,” he says.

In addition to Provet Cloud’s ability to sync with Weave’s messaging tools, Augusto appreciated its modern and dynamic user interface. It meant he could have multiple instances of Provet Cloud open in multiple tabs without compromising performance or data security – unlike the other systems he tried.

"Provet Cloud is better at client communication than any other system we've used."

In Dr. Augusto’s opinion, a veterinarian’s biggest challenge “isn’t technical, nor your knowledge and skills, it’s communication with clients.”

“It’s being able to meet clients where they are, learning what their needs and concerns are, setting expectations for what you can and can’t do for their pet – and you can only say and do so much in the 15 minutes of face-to-face time in the exam room.”

Provet Cloud’s digital tools allow Augusto to extend the traditional modes of care.

Email has become a more primary means of communication with MAH’s clients, and Augusto’s team is better able to store and track messages within the medical record. “Whereas we used to be constantly printing out discharge instructions or client education materials, now everything gets sent in an email.”

Pre-written text templates, stored in Provet Cloud, allow Augusto to automate many of those emailed materials. “I template everything, and my staff loves it. We’ve got templates for take-home instructions, for text message reminders, for medical notes of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve templated bundles for bundled charges.”

And if ever the client has a question about vaccination side effects or other concerns, rather than needing to call the clinic and wait on hold for the doctor, he says, “Now we tell them: shoot us an email or text and we’ll get right back to you. Provet Cloud streamlines things dramatically for all of us.”

With Provet Cloud’s tools, it’s never been easier for Augusto and the MAH team to manage appointments, share important information with clients, deliver convenience, and build on their exceptional levels of service. 


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