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How a mobile euthanasia clinic found better support with Provet Cloud

“That supportiveness and positive relationship really helps us make the most of the software.”

Nirvana Vets is a mobile clinic providing at-home, end-of-life care in and around Plymouth, England. Veterinarian Kate Bleasdale and her partner Sam Goldman began the practice with a mission to create the best possible experience for their clients and patients. After their first choice in software failed to meet expectations, they turned to Provet Cloud and got the personalized support they were looking for.


One of the most difficult responsibilities of a veterinarian is also one of the most important. But with euthanasia, one of the bigger challenges is providing pet owners and their pets with enough time for a compassionate experience while keeping the pet’s stress to a minimum.

According to Kate Bleasdale, MRCVS – cofounder with Sam Goldman, MRCVS, of Nirvana Vets in Plymouth – due to a variety of pressures in practice, euthanasias are often squeezed into small gaps in the schedule. And because this kind of appointment is typically last-minute in nature, veterinarians face a real obstacle in providing the best possible experience for their clients and patients.

After several years working in first-opinion practices, Kate and Sam simply refused to accept this as the norm for end-of-life care. But with staffing crises affecting many clinics, they knew there would be no opportunity to administer euthanasia the best way possible: in the comfort of the patient’s home.

So they created Nirvana Vets, a mobile practice specializing in at-home euthanasia care – a service that provides pet owners with a gentle and compassionate way to say goodbye to their pet.

“What makes Nirvana Vets really great is the pace at which we work,” Kate says. “We allocate two hours per client, which allows us to perform a euthanasia as perfectly as possible.” The process includes time spent comforting the patient, sedating them, and calmly administering the injection.

The importance of picking the right software

When Kate and Sam were in the process of starting Nirvana Vets in 2021, they knew that they wanted cloud-based practice management software to most effectively run their mobile clinic.

Overwhelmed by all aspects of setting up a new business, Kate admits that they weren’t able to do a lot of research on available solutions. The system they chose, however, fell short of their expectations and requirements, leading them to explore another solution that delivered more ease-of-use, better customer support, and a more hands-on approach to onboarding and training.

One day Kate accepted a phone call from a sales representative for Provet Cloud.

Better support and simpler setup in Provet Cloud

Provet Cloud not only offered all the cloud-based features that Nirvana Vets needed, it included a much higher level of support, from implementation to launch and beyond. Kate credits that sales representative, Kirsty Freely, for her extra willingness to help resolve issues.

“That supportiveness paints a really important picture of how I perceive Provet Cloud,” Kate says. “Kirsty has been instrumental in making it a positive relationship, which helps us make the most of the software.”

As for the software itself, Kate is impressed with how well Provet Cloud’s functionality aligns with the simplified needs of their practice. With a clean and uncluttered user interface, Provet Cloud makes patient information easy to retrieve and manage. And it easily accommodates multiple users working remotely and on-the-go.

“It’s not too complicated. It’s not too tech-y. Provet Cloud does what it says on the tin.”

Kate says that she and her partner Sam hope to expand Nirvana Vets in the coming years, and Provet Cloud is built to help them scale quickly. “The way we’ve been able to set up the software, tailored exactly to our needs, means we can copy and paste the system as often as we need to.”

Nirvana Vets hopes to lead by example in the veterinary profession, Kate says, “with the understanding that we have to look after our team in order for them to be able to look after our clients.”


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