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How Provet Cloud gave a small, mobile clinic exactly the tools it needs


“The key thing with Provet Cloud is that they bothered to learn how I do business. They stood out because they listened to me. They put in the work.”

PrimePet Rehab in Myrtle Beach, SC, focuses on small-animal mobility and long-term pain management. With specialized equipment and technology requirements, Dr. Tom Walsh needed a practice management solution that could be configured to match his agile operation, without compromising on customer support.


Dr. Tom Walsh, DVM, knows the value of good customer service. Before becoming a doctor, Walsh worked for 20 years at a global telecommunications company, which shaped his perspective when he finally decided to enter the veterinary field.

After only a few years in general practice, and on the way to discovering his real passion in animal health, Walsh recognized a critically unmet need for many of his clients: animal rehabilitation.

But in the large region surrounding Myrtle Beach, SC, where Walsh is based, he says, “There was nobody doing rehab only.”

While any veterinarian understands the importance of rehab and pain-management therapy, the typical 15-minute appointment isn’t enough for proper assessment and treatment. Walsh says, “It takes time to observe and understand the animal to really watch them and pick up on little clues which you’ve got to be able to focus on. And a 15-minute appointment just doesn’t allow that to happen.”

To be able to devote more time to patients that need consistent, long-term care, Walsh took the leap and formed PrimePet Rehab in Myrtle Beach in 2021. In that process, he committed to keeping client convenience and value at the heart of his practice.

As a primarily mobile clinic, PrimePet Rehab can meet clients wherever is most comfortable for their pet. And rather than charge by the service whether laser therapy or massage Walsh offers a flat fee per 30-minute session. “That way a client doesn’t have to be in the situation where they can’t afford one type of service or another. And the animal always gets the right amount of care.”

“Streamlined and repeatable is the mantra.”

A rehab only mobile veterinarian, Dr. Walsh doesn’t have the equipment requirements, like diagnostics and imaging, that a typical practice has. So when he researched the best practice management solution for PrimePet Rehab, he was drawn to one that could be right-sized to his needs.

Provet Cloud stood out to him immediately as a solution that offered a full slate of functions, integrations, and automations that could be tailored to his preferences. “Provet Cloud’s tools from patient record management to invoicing and payment can be configured to make sure I work as efficiently as possible, with as few clicks as possible, so I can devote more of each appointment session to the patient,” says Walsh.

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“Streamlined and repeatable is the mantra,” he adds, as Provet Cloud allows him to complete routine tasks more easily, whether creating multiple appointments for a single client, automating payments, or sending an exam report to the patient’s referring primary clinic.

Setting up Provet Cloud according to PrimePet Rehab’s unique set of services, Walsh says, shows “that they bothered to learn the flow of the practice and how I do business. They stood out because they listened to me. They put in the work.”

“The care and attention their team put into implementation is one of many reasons Provet Cloud is a step above the rest.”

At first, Dr. Walsh didn’t understand why a comprehensive implementation of Provet Cloud was necessary, given his practice’s scaled-down needs. “I quickly learned how important it was.”

What he found in his implementation specialist, Rosie Jackson, was a true partner who brought more knowledge to the process than he ever expected. “Rosie’s background as a veterinary practice manager was a brilliant benefit,” Walsh says. “She anticipated my concerns, did her homework, and adapted very quickly as she learned my needs as a mobile vet.”

Walsh also credits Provet Cloud’s product developers for their nimble response to his highly customized setup. “It’s rare for a company of their size to pay such close attention to a small, single doctor practice. But they did.”

As a businessman with a keen eye for good customer service, Walsh has clear feelings about the Provet Cloud implementation experience: “It’s a diamond.”

“Provet Cloud can help me take my business to the next level."

In just a few short months, PrimePet Rehab’s business has grown quickly. And as Dr. Walsh takes on more referrals from primary clinics across a larger swath of South Carolina, he has begun to think about expanding his practice.

“The beauty of Provet Cloud is its ability to grow as I grow, and to someday manage a team of mobile rehab units as seamlessly as managing one, without compromising on the quality of care and service my clients expect all while giving me the support I need.”


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