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What’s new – February 2024 (Provet Cloud release 2.0)

Introducing Provet Cloud 2.0


Version 2.0 marks the beginning of a journey we’re taking in 2024 towards a more performant and responsive Provet Cloud. Our rebrand and UI refresh offered a taste of what we have lined up. Each release of Provet Cloud 2.0 will move us closer to a product we believe our customers deserve – a product that’s faster, more responsive, and more user-friendly.

Over the lifespan of version 2.0, we’ll be rebuilding Provet Cloud piece by piece, using industry-leading technologies to deliver high-quality user interfaces.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of developments, improvements, and database schema changes included in this update.

And here are some of the highlights in release 2.0.


New look and shortcuts for price updates

You can also schedule price updates to take place automatically on the first of every month, and define users that will receive an email notifying them of the update, as well as a report summarizing the price changes. These reports about price updates are also available in Provet Cloud.

Value this provides:

  • Much faster and easier to update wholesaler prices 
  • May encourage updates to be done more frequently, leading to more accurate pricing


New data table added to stock page (batch view)

If you want to see which products in stock have expired – or need to be sold or removed because they will expire soon – a new data table on the stock page allows you to show stock information as batches. Product expiry dates are linked to batches, so this batch view offers an easy way of viewing any expired or soon-to-expire batches.

The column headers on the new data table can be clicked to sort the data – for example, if you want to sort the results by their expiry date.

Note: the batch view does not display products that do not have batches.

Value this provides:

  • A more detailed overview of the stock of batch-controlled products
  • Easier to gain an understanding of which products have expired or will expire soon
  • Ability to export batch information to Excel

Updates to the appointments calendar

We've made enhancements to the calendar scheduling process to ensure faster response times and to simplify rescheduling, including new drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste capabilities.

Value this provides:

  • Faster access and a more responsive experience for users
  • More intuitive tools to manage scheduling more efficiently


Catalog and Inventory sections added to navigation sidebar

As part of a larger information architecture project, we have moved some item- and stock-related pages out of Settings, and they now appear under new sections in the navigation sidebar. The new Catalog section includes Items, Bundles, and Catalog management. The new Inventory section includes Stock, Orders, Controlled medicines, Stock locations, and Wholesalers.

Value this provides:

  • More logical navigation structure
  • Item pages and Inventory section are now easier to access

Create refill outside of consultation

We’ve expanded on the medicine refill feature to also allow users with the appropriate permission to create medicine refills outside of a consultation.

We’ve also added a new Refills table under the Treatments tab, listing all patient refills as well as relevant information such as refill prescriber, status, and expiry date.

Value this provides:

  • Improved flexibility when creating medicine refills in clinical scenarios which don’t necessitate a consultation
  • New Refills table provides a better overview of patient’s refills
  • Specific user permission ensures this feature can be restricted to allowed users only

Pay multiple invoices in one transaction with Provet Pay

Paying for multiple invoices at once – an existing feature in Provet Cloud – previously had not been supported by Provet Pay. Now you can use Provet Pay to conduct a single transaction with multiple invoices. Additionally, Provet Pay now supports refunds (following the existing workflow for refunds).

Value this provides:

  • Client saves time making only one payment for multiple invoices
  • No need to consolidate several invoices; use mass payment in one action
  • Provide client the option to pay by card or receive an online payment link


Additional fixes and updates

  • We have decided to sunset the form builder feature. After the 2.4 release, Provet Cloud will no longer support this feature.

  • There are now read-only tags in the user interface for clinics using third-party integrations.

  • We have added new configuration options for the Digital Whiteboard view, with the ability to hide sensitive details on screens in public areas and also the display ward.