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Introducing a new, improved Provet Cloud

Introducing a new, improved Provet Cloud

Don't adjust the colors on your screen. Your eyes aren't playing tricks.

What you're seeing really is purple.

Provet Cloud is thrilled to unveil a brand new look and feel! From the logo and website all the way to the Provet Cloud user interface itself, the changes you see represent the next step in our mission to offer the best practice software in the veterinary industry.

The journey to here

Provet Cloud has come a long way in two decades – from its beginnings as a Windows-based application serving veterinary practices in Finland to its transformation into the dynamic, all-in-one, cloud-based platform now embraced by thousands of veterinary professionals around the world. The latest transformation includes exciting updates to the Provet Cloud user interface. (More on that later.)

At the heart of our mission to make life easier for our customers is the belief that our software is never done – it is always on the way, always improving to meet the evolving needs of the people who rely on it. As the veterinary landscape has changed, and as new tools and technologies emerge to better care for animals, Provet Cloud hasn’t simply kept pace – we’re determined to be the industry leader in practice management efficiency and sustainability. 

Why rebrand now?

Over the past few years, Provet Cloud has made significant strides, in terms of both our team and our product. We’ve expanded into exciting new markets, including the US, UK, Denmark, Spain, and Italy, to name a few. Our product developers have introduced several highly anticipated feature enhancements, such as our integrated payments solution Provet Pay, a Patient Referral Portal, and Digital Whiteboard.

This progress has given us the sense that Provet Cloud is on the cusp of something even bigger. Drawing on both the pragmatism of our Nordic roots and the boldness of our growth, we decided it was time to refine our image and message – to help us stand out even more in a crowded landscape of veterinary software.

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Out with the blue, and in with a bold, ambitious shade of purple! 

The new color palette signifies our confidence that Provet Cloud delivers all the efficiency-building tools that enable you to do the real work of caring for your patients – the work that you love. In other words, we think purple is powerful.

Our logo got an update, too. The “P” is familiar but refined – officially better with age. 

The idea of "Better software. Better care."

The Provet Cloud rebrand goes beyond colors and logo. It’s a chance for us to refresh our message to the veterinary community, to more clearly speak our purpose and beliefs, in as few words as possible. Our new mantra is simple:

Better software. Better care.

What do we mean by “Better software”? We aren’t simply saying “our software is better than all the others” – though we wouldn’t disagree with that statement. What we’re really saying is that our software is always getting better – never settling for satisfactory, but constantly innovating and improving what we offer to our customers. 

And by using software that is always getting better, our hope is that you are able to achieve even better outcomes – “Better care.” 

But let’s be clear: we don’t think our software is the leading contributor to good care. We think that the better our software works, the less time that you – the real care providers – have to spend in front of the screen, clicking buttons and entering data. The better Provet Cloud is, the more time you spend face-to-face with your clients and patients. 

The software is changing too?dashboard-2

If by “changing” you mean “getting better and better,” then yes. A thousand times: yes.

To begin with, over the past year the Provet Cloud app has been undergoing a design overhaul, with the goal of giving the software a cleaner, friendlier, more intuitive user interface.

As our VP of Product, Fabio Carneiro, teased a while back: “We’re working on refining every aspect – every pixel – of the UI to ensure that you’re able to carry out your work and provide the best care possible without confusion and unnecessary hassle.”

In Fabio’s latest update, we learn about some of the first results of the product redesign, focused on an updated sidebar and navigation experience. (Oh yeah, the app turned purple, too.)

Design-wise, expect more enhancements in the near future. Fabio tells us, “These changes represent the figurative tip of the iceberg when it comes to the improvements we’re getting ready to bring to Provet Cloud over 2024 and beyond.”

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new direction of Provet Cloud. And please explore the content on our new website – including new features like the Digital Whiteboard and the Patient Referral Portal, the Integrations page, our amazing customer stories, and so much more!


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